Does J. Campbell Have a Shot Under Shanahan?

With the hiring of Mike Shanahan appearing more and more likely, one has to start to wonder about the draft, the fourth pick and the Quarterback. The question is, is Jason Campbell done in D.C., or does he have a shot with Shanahan?

There is a single Bruce Allen quote that inspired me to write about this:
"He's got a lot of starts -- 51. He's seen a lot of [defensive] looks," Allen said. "And he hasn't played his best football yet."

First, let's take a look at about sides of the Jason Campbell "argument." Then, we can further look in to that quote from Bruce Allen.

Campbell Supporters, who are few and far between these days, note that Jason Campbell had a career year behind what could be arguably one of the worst Redskins' Offensive Lines in recent history. They also point out the turmoil the team was under, that it is a team sport, and that the offense has bigger issues than Jason Campbell. They will talk about the complete lack of a consistent running game, which is true. The Redskins finished this season with almost 600 less rushing yards than last season (587). The Redskins' per rush average also went down by .5 yards per rush as a team.

They will also look at his individual stats and state that he played pretty well, given all the circumstances with the Redskins. Let's have a quick look at those stats: 327/507, 64.5%, 3618 yards, 7.1 average, 20 TD, 15 INT, 86.4 Rating

Every single one of those numbers are career highs for Campbell so that argument is at least based in some fact. Bewtween the stats, and the turmoil, some supporters think the Redskins should draft and sign a bunch of OL and let Jason Campbell have one year under Shanahan.

On the other side of this argument are those that wan't Jason Campbell gone. This number has grown a lot after this season. This side will site his winning percentage as well as the lack of fourth quarter comeback types of wins. They will also say things about his playing speed and intelligence. (I personally think it is a speed issue as Jason Campbell is not un-intelligent.) They will also point out that while his stats were nice this year, a lot of them came in garbage time.

When the game is close (1-8 points either way), he has about a 74 passer rating. When the game has a larger point differential (9-16 points either way), he has about a 114.5 passer rating. This points to a Quarterback that might not be clutch.

That is both sides of the argument, in a nut shell.

Now, the quote from Bruce Allen that inspired this article can mean one of two things. It could mean that Jason Campbell has a shot, or, it could mean that Bruce Allen is trying to build up his trade value. Let's not forget that if there is an un-capped season this season, Jason Campbell would be a Restricted Free Agent, not just a Free Agent. That means he could be traded if the Redskins tender him.

So either way Bruce Allen is thinking, the quote is brilliant. Either he helps the confidence of Campbell, and/or, he tries to up his trade value in the eyes of other teams. Of course, it is doubtful any team changes their mind based on that one quote, but going this route is obviously better than talking negative about Jason Campbell in a press conference.

I, my self, am officially on the latter side that thinks Campbell's time is done in Washington. Mike Shanahan will probably want to start with "his own" hand picked QB. Whether this means the Redskins sign a free agent or draft one is anyone's guess at this point, but one of these two is the most likely scenario.

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