Jackson/Smith Stay & Meidt/Wachenheim/Gray Go

The Redskins have decided to retain Safeties Coach Steve Jackson and Special Teams Coach Danny Smith. However, Offensive Assistant Chris Meidt, Tight Ends Coach Scott Wachenheim and Secondary Coach Jerry Gray have all been let go.

Perhaps the most important of all of this news is that the Redskins have decided to retain Special Teams Coach Danny Smith. Smith has gotten mixed reviews from Redskins fans as at times, Special Teams have been a problem. The Redskins decided to keep Smith after failing to land former Buffalo Bills Special Teams boss Bobby April. He signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Also, the Redskins have decided to retain Safeties Coach Steve Jackson. According to most articles floating around out there today, his role on the coaching staff has yet to be determined.

The Redskins have decided to let Chris Meidt, Scott Wachenheim go and Jerry Gray has signed to coach in Seattle.

Chris Meidt worked a lot with the QB's and given that Jason Campbell has improved every season, letting him go might come as a shock to some. On the flip side, Jason Campbell is still not up to par with what the Redskins need at the position to truly contend for a Super Bowl Title.

Scott Wachenheim was only the Tight Ends coach for one season under Zorn, but he seemed to be doing a good job from a fan's eye. Chris Cooley got injured fairly early in the season and despite some early struggles, Fred Davis really came on strong to become a favorite target of Jason Campbell.

Jerry Gray seems to be most famous these days for interviewing to replace Zorn while Zorn was still the coach. That probably doesn't endear you to a new regime though it remains to be seen if that was a reason for letting him go. There are plenty of other reasons the Redskins could have let him go. It could also easily be pointed out that the Redskins secondary gave up a lot of big plays and fans always complained about Corners playing too far off the line.

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