Senior Bowl: Tuesday's Quarterback Rankings's team of writers and analysts compared notes on the six quarterbacks that are showcasing their skills during Senior Bowl week. Who's at the top of their rankings and who's at the bottom? Check it out inside...

1. Jarrett Brown, West Virginia

A three-year backup and just a one-year starter at West Virginia, Brown had a lot to gain this week in Mobile and has been the best of a poor crop of quarterbacks. The 6-foot-3, 219-pound signal caller has displayed poise in the pocket, good footwork and recognition skills and delivered a catchable ball to receivers. The two keys to his success thus far have been his surprising arm strength and his mobility and ability to make plays on the run. Brown has done wonders for his draft stock this week, and if he continues to play well there’s a chance he lands in the second round.

Tebow hasn't lived up to the media attention in Mobile.
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2. Tim Tebow, Florida

The hype surrounding Tebow this week in Mobile has been overwhelming, even to Tebow himself. He is used to large crowds and plenty of media coverage, but the attention he’s receiving at the Senior Bowl is Brett Favre-esc, and I’m sure it’s a major distraction for him. However, even if the coverage is getting to him, his play on the field has been less than stellar. For all the good that Tebow has done for college football, he’s never been the most fundamentally sound player, and that’s really showing up on the practice field in Mobile. On Tuesday, Tebow made some good throws down the seam, but when he threw the ball to the outside, he lacked timing and touch. His mechanics need a lot of work, and his footwork is all over the place. In my discussions with scouts during Tuesday’s practice, every time I mentioned Tebow’s name, a scout rolled his eyes or chuckled. It’s clear that after the first two days in Mobile, the 2010 quarterback class is the weakest in recent memory and has a chance to be the worst quarterback class in the last 20 years. Tebow’s chances of being a first round pick may still exist. But, it will be his work off the field during interviews that will have to convince teams he’s worthy of a first round pick, because his play on the field is way too erratic to even consider reaching for him in the opening frame.

3. Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan

Central Michigan quarterback Dan LeFevour was a pleasant surprise during Monday’s opening practice. He was quick in his drops, showed poise in the pocket, held the ball at chest level and delivered it with surprising velocity. But on Tuesday, he reverted back to his inconsistent self and struggled with his accuracy and velocity. The difference between LeFevour’s showing on Monday compared to Tuesday was simply his footwork. He never got set and reared back further than you’re supposed to, so he could compensate for his sloppy mechanics. He has to stick to the basics. LeFevour has the size and tools to be an effective starter at the next level, but it’s up to him to keep things simple and not do anything out of the ordinary.

4. Zac Robinson, Oklahoma State

Robinson has been average thus far during practice sessions. He’s had good moments and bad moments. The good is the touch he’s displayed working downfield, and the bad has been his arm strength and timing. Robinson is mobile in the pocket and does a nice job of moving around and working for open passing lanes. He has a quick release and a positive understanding of the position, but lacks the overall intangibles to be a successful quarterback at the next level.

5. Tony Pike, Cincinnati

It’s been a disastrous and costly two days for Pike in Mobile. After a forgettable Monday practice, Pike followed it up on Tuesday with a performance that could tarnish his status as one of the top quarterbacks in the 2010 draft class. Prior to the first practice session on Monday, Pike was my No. 5 rated quarterback in’s NFL Draft Rankings. But his poor mechanics, erratic release and inability to show timing and touch on his passes downfield will ultimately drop Pike in the rankings. Luckily for Pike, there are still two more practices until game day on Saturday. And while there are a lot of players - specifically the quarterbacks - looking for redemption, Pike has the most to gain, because he’s already lost the most.

6. Sean Canfield, Oregon State

Canfield has been average the last two days at practice. He has prototypical size at 6-foot-3, 221 pounds, but has displayed average arm strength and struggles with his accuracy downfield. He lacks mobility and doesn’t elude the rush well. Canfield has to rework his mechanics and footwork and should be considered a developmental prospect.


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