More Evidence of the 3-4 Coming?

There is more evidence mounting that the Redskins are going to switch to the 3-4. In addition to London Fletcher's recent supportive comments, the Redskins have been scouting 3-4 OLB's at the Senior Bowl this week.

There is no doubt that the Redskins are considering switching to a 3-4 base defense. The rumors of it started about the same time Jim Haslett was hired to be the defensive coordinator.

Evidence has been mounting all off season starting with the Redskins' signing of a Pittsburgh Assistant Coach to coach their linebackers.

Then, on a conference call with reporters to talk about his Pro Bowl berth, London Fletcher publically endorsed the move:
"There's a lot of teams that play 34 defenses. And really, some of the things we did last year were of a 3-4 defensive concept even though we didn't necessarily call it a 34."

But what does London Fletcher personally think about playing in the 3-4 himself? Here is what he had to say about that very topic:
"I can play in whatever defense," he said. "I feel comfortable in a 4-3, obviously. I feel comfortable in a 3-4. Whatever they feel like they want to do."

Now, as recently as yesterday, at the Senior Bowl, more evidence of a shift to the 3-4 alignment has surfaced.'s own Ed Thompson is reporting that Linebacker Koa Misi drew the attention of a pair of representatives from the Washington Redskins following Tuesday's practice session.

You might be wondering why this is more evidence of a switch. Misi played Defensive End and Defensive Tackle at Utah. He was expected to report to the Senior Bowl at 263 pounds, give or take a pound.

However, the once Defensive End turned Linebacker reported at 244 pounds and was more than willing to embrace the switch to linebacker. Early reports on him are that he has looked good in coverage and even picked off a pass to the flat during practice.

So is the 3-4 alignment coming to Washington? Time will tell, but the evidence is mounting that it is.

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