Analyzing the McNabb Trade: Why It Was Good

There is pretty much no doubt that Donovan McNabb represents an upgrade at the QB Position for the Redskins. But with fan hopes of a true rebuild all but squashed, what does this trade really mean to the Redskins?

I know one thing this trade does not mean. It does not mean that a rebuild won't happen or that a rebuild can't happen. There is no reason why a team can't rebuild, infuse some youth, but still try to compete at the same time. If there is a good plan in place, it is not out of the realm of possibility.

Now, on to why this was indeed a good move:

Instantly Competitive: This upgrade at Quarterback means that if the Redskins can pass block better in 2010, they should instantly compete for an NFC East crown. The coaching staff that is in place is certainly capable and the Redskins have the skill position players to compete. Now they have a QB that can deliver the ball. The pass protection is the only question, and the team could go a long way to helping fix that when the draft comes around.

Options at #4: Before the trade, it was kind of a consensus that the Redskins would take either Clausen or Bradford at the #4 pick of the draft. However, who's to say that Mike Shanahan felt that either of these two QB's was worthy of that draft pick or salary. I mean, I agree, the Redskins still need that ever elusive franchise QB. But does that mean they should reach for one that the coaching staff feels is not worthy? Does that mean they should have traded up to ensure they get Bradford, the QB many think was the preferred QB? What if they had to trade multiples of picks just to get to #1? The whole giving away draft picks argument" would still be made by many who do not like trading up.

Further Jury Deliberations on Brennan: With Rex Grossman signed as the backup (or if by some miracle Jason Campbell stays), then what this trade also does is buys the Redskins time to see if Colt Brennan can develop. Maybe the franchise QB is already in a Redskin Jersey and the fans just do not know it yet? You never know.

Help in the NFC East: Donovan McNabb played some of his best football against NFC East opponents. Usually he carved up the Giants and Redskins with fairly frequent regularity. He had some bad games last season against the Dallas Cowboys and that can't be totally ignored. But with a better supporting cast, perhaps he has better games against that defense.

So, in the end, it is my opinion that this was an overall good deal to make at the time. We also need to remember that when Mike Shanahan took over the Broncos, the Broncos had a 34 year old QB who was good but also known as someone who "couldn't win the big one." Now, here in Washington, that kind of situation sounds familiar. We also know how this worked out the first time around for Shanahan.

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