Few RBs Performed, Who Stood Out ?

Here's a more intense look at the running backs and fullbacks who performed at the combine on Friday and Saturday of last week. Only nine of the 32 invitees felt the need to perform in front of scouts on the turf of the RCA Dome.

First we start off with Justin Fargas , who blew everyone away. Yes he was fast but watching him jaunt the forty yards on the sidelines you could also see the power in his legs. After running so well Fargas' figured he'd leave well enough alone and did not take part in any of the drills.

Quentin Griffin also looked good running and catching the ball. An explosive little back, he displayed great footwork in all the drills, immediately cutting it back through the cones and missing the tackling dummies. He also caught the ball well.

LSU's Domanick Davis ran a little slower than expected but was sensational catching the ball and looked like a natural receiver with strong/soft hands.

Stanford's Kerry Carter displayed surprising speed for the stopwatch and during the drill segment. He does not move like a 230+ pound back.

The best fullback far and away was Chris Davis of Syracuse. A terrific athlete, Davis drilled fast, caught the ball well and was lying out, diving for receptions all day. He displayed a lot of tools to work with.

Nick Maddox is more quick than fast, offering excellent footwork and having a solid overall session.

For as slow as he runs, Jeremi Johnson can really play when he puts his mind to it. Athletic, the big fullback effectively caught the ball in drills and really moves around the field nicely. Too bad he wastes his talent.

Several did not fare as well.

Brandon Drumm worked hard but is a marginal athlete with no speed and hands of stone.

Ovie Mughelli made a bad choice by not running (he was booed yet again) and possibly a worse choice by taking part in the drills. His hands were terrible and he lacked any balance when used as a pass receiver.

Tom Lopienski worked hard but please…what the heck was this guy thinking by not running the forty? Is taking part in a Pro-Day at Notre Dame going to give him a better chance of breaking 5.00??

Derek Watson did not run with great balance nor does he show the great footwork. He also plays a little slow but to his credit did a fine job catching the ball. We spoke with him at length on Thursday and actually found him to be a polite young man.

Former Alabama ball carrier Santonio Beard is not a smooth, fluid back that can immediately cut it back and had difficulty catching the ball all day.

A few final note: Earnest Graham missed the combine after having surgery on his small right toe and many in attendance doubt Ahmaad Galloway will return as the MRI results on his injured knee with torn ACL and MCL ligaments were not favorable.

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