Skins Continue Free Agency Onslaught

The Redskins have done it again. Though nothing was officially announced, they appear to have re-signed guard Tre Johnson and signed free agent guard Lennie Friedman, who last played with Denver.

Both players would serve as backups to newly-signed Davie Fiore and
Randy Thomas, who will start at left and right guard, respectively.

The Redskins have also come to terms with free agent kicker John Hall from the Jets, who visited the facility Saturday. No players have gone through Redskins Park on Sunday.

Washington remains in negotiations with free agent receiver Rocket
Ismail, though it's hard to tell just how close they are to a deal. It's
likely close. The Redskins lost one potential wideout, Ike Hilliard,
when he re-signed with his old team, the Giants.

And there is a deal with quarterback Rob Johnson, though some wonder if
he could accept backing up Patrick Ramsey. More details later.

Want a reason why the Redskins have jumped to a fast start? For a
change, the front office types have roles and each plays to their
strength. Joe Mendes has evolved into the salary cap guy, capable of
evaluating talent. Vinny Cerrato has become the main talent evaluater
and owner Dan Snyder is the salesman/closer.

The front office presented him a list of players they wanted about two
weeks ago. Snyder set out to then get the players. They've gotten most
of the players on that list, which is why employees at Redskins Park are
in a giddy mood.

Some of these players might not work out--they're not All-Pro players.
Individually, none jump out as a flashy signing. Collectively, though,
the group stands out. More are coming, too.

Washington will have a press conference tomorrow to introduce new
running back Trung Canidate. There's a good chance another player, or
two, will be there with him.

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