Washington's Medical Grade

Kelley Washington of Tennessee and Miami's Willis McGahee are both coming off major surgery and each will be thoroughly examined by teams prior to April's draft. Tonight an inside report on the condition of Washington.

Through an independent source the TFY Draft Preview learned that Tennessee's Kelley Washington was given a medical grade of either a 1 or 2 by all thirty-two teams at the combine.

What does this mean exactly? A "1" is the best grade a prospect can receive while "5" is the worst. For comparison; last year EJ Henderson decided to stay in school after doctors told him a grade of "4" would've been assigned to him based on the health of his back…and that is a failing number for most franchises.

Washington's grade means he's cleared to play and the MRI's came out clean. What is does not explicitly tell us is how teams perceive the potential damage or non-damage should he receive another blow to his head/neck region, and that will be an important intangible when finalizing his ultimate draft grade.

We stress; this was a report told to us rather than something we saw.

Tony Pauline
TFY Draft Preview

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