Q&A With: Laveranues Coles

Q: Where does the contract status stand? A: Right now the business side of it, I don't know. We've verbally agreed. They made a commitment to me and I'm excited about the opportunity to come here and play.<BR> Q: When will you sign?

A: My agent is on his way here now. When it takes place I don't know. I'm excited about them giving me that token of faith.

Q: Have you heard from the Jets?
A: I talked to a representative there this morning. I made a statement that I'm happy here. I didn't want any bad feelings between me and their organization. We're parting ways.

Q: What did they say to you?
A: They're saying goodbye, from the gist of the conversation. There's no hard feelings on their end either. They're happy for me and said it couldn't happen to a better person.

Q: Who did you talk to?
A:  I talked to [assistant GM] Mike Tannenbaum

Q: So in your mind, you'll be here?
A: I'm pretty much set. They'll go through the process of trying to decide and they'll try to assess all the information and go through the decision-making process. But for the most part I think we've parted ways.

Q: What else do you bring as a receiver?
A: For me, just my effort. I give 110 percent every play and help the team win any way I can. It's the little things like blocking and clearing out for other guys and the unselfishness I show on the field. I don't demand the ball every time. You won't hear me come to the papers and cry about not getting the ball. Just as long as the team is winning.

Q: Is there something about this offense that will help you?
A: The first thing for me to do is get comfortable with the system so I can try and learn the plays to where I don't have to think. This offense and the coaching staff will take care of everything else. Once they get me in and get guys and see what I'm comfortable with doing then everything will take care of itself.

Q: What do you know about Patrick Ramsey?
A: From what I understand he has a cannon for an arm and he's a very tough guy. I'm excited about getting an opportunity to work with a guy who has that kind of mentality.

Q: Will you miss the spotlight of being a top player in New York?
A: This place here, I can be a top player in Washington D.C. and go just as far as I did in New York.

Q: How gratifying is it for you to be in this spot after all you've been through?
A: You learn from everything you experience in life. Those who laugh last laugh the longest or laugh the hardest. For me I'm just basking in it and taking it in day by day and enjoying this moment. After all this is over it's about business. It won't be me standing here talking about whether I'll be a Jet or a Redskin. It'll be about winning ball games and if we're not winning why are we not producing.

Q: What do you know about Rod Gardner?
A: He went to my rivalry high school in Jacksonville. We know each other well. He left me a message yesterday and I'm excited about getting an opportunity to work with him. I think we can make each other better and the other receivers better also. We can take pointers from this game and make each other better.

Q: Did you play against each other?
A: Yes. We graduated the same year of high school together. I always won. I was a running back and he was a quarterback.

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