Speaking out on Coles

This is what others have said about receiver Laveranues Coles.<BR> Redskins WR coach Steve Spurrier Jr., : ''Quickness, speed, explosion after the catch: There are things [Coles] can do that guys we had last year weren't as good at. It's a whole new dimension with him out there playing.'' <BR>See what others had to say...

Spurrier Jr.,: ''Laveranues will get open better, too. There are different routes that require you to outrun a guy or be quicker than a guy or get downfield faster. He's better at all three of those things than a lot of guys out there playing. He's one of the best.''

Miami DB coach Mel Phillips: ''A lot of guys run fast, but they don't recognize the defense in front of them so you can do things to them. He recognizes defenses and he's disciplined as far as route-running. He takes advantage of what he sees. He's just a quality guy. I can't say too much negative about him.''

Phillips: ''When his number is called, he comes through whether he's open or in a crowd. And you can't get into his head. He's matured year after year.''

Ex-Jets QB Vinny Testaverde (during the 2001 season): ''If there's one guy on this team I'd want to walk into a dark alley with, I may just pick Laveranues. He has that kind of toughness, that kind of character."

Jets coach Herman Edwards (last season): ''He's fast and physical and that's a potent weapon. He's a hard-working guy and he's a very humble guy. He's a playmaker and he's fun to watch.''

New York Post columnist Steve Serby: ''He's a high-character guy.''

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