Q&A With: Matt Bowen

The Redskins lost one restricted free agent today when the Jets matched an offer sheet for returner Chad Morton. Washington will continue its quest for a returner, preferring someone who can return punts first and foremost. But the Redskins introduced one of their new starting safeties today: Matt Bowen. He gives Washington flexibility because he can play either safety spot. And his speed, and coverage skills, will enable the Redskins to use him in man coverage. Read on!!

Here's what Bowen had to say today, to a press conference and then in a private chat with the Insiders.

Q: What was this last week like for you?
A: It was different not knowing what to expect. I was excited after my visit here and I wanted it to get settled right away. But I'm here now and I'm relieved to be here.

Q: Did you think you'd be going back to Green Bay?
A: I didn't think so. But then when it got to seven days, I thought it was a possibility. I had a feeling it would get worked out here.

Q: How anxious are you to be a starter?
A: I'm real anxious. Anyone in the NFL wants to be a starter and win the Super Bowl. All of that can be accomplished here. I wish training camp would start in a couple of weeks.

Q: How do you think the Redskins' scheme fits you?
A: They play an attacking style. Safeties can play a major role and the safety can be a big playmaker. That's what you want in a safety.

Q: What's your best asset?
A: My best asset is my work ethic and my desire for the game. I'm a total team player. I think playing the last couple of years in Green Bay, I watched and learned from other players like Brett Favre. I learned what it takes to be a playoff player. I can bring some of that here.

Q: As a restricted free agent, did you think you would be pursued by other teams?
A: It doesn't happen a lot. When it became a reality I got excited because you know someone wants you. With that comes a big responsibility. I have to perform and play hard and be a team player.

Q: Do you still want to play on special teams?
A: I'll do anything it takes. If you have a guy who can cover kicks and does it well, then give him that opportunity. Field position is huge. It's no fun starting with the ball in your territory.

Q: What did you think of playing in Green Bay?
A: It was a special place. I had a great time playing there and I'm glad I got to do it. But when you walk in here and they've got Super Bowl trophies, too. This is another great opportunity. And the best part of coming here is an opportunity to play with LaVar Arrington and Champ and Jessie Armstead. That's a good group to mix it up with.

Q: How much did starting six games last year whet your appetite for more?
A: The best way to describe it is, you get a taste of something and you want it even more. It's like having something good to eat and you only eat half of it.

Q: Would it have been hard to go back to Green Bay and not start?
A: The way I looked at it, if I didn't get an offer I would keep working hard and fight for the job. If you have to wait, then you have to wait.

Q: What's it like to know you'll come to camp as the starter?
A: I haven't done anything yet. I can't come here and say, 'I made it.' I still have a lot to prove.

Q: When did you know you were ready to start?
A: I started a game as a rookie, but your head is just spinning like crazy. But I knew I could play last year.

Q: What told you that?
A: When we played Chicago on a Monday night game. I don't know if I just got in a zone or just found a comfort level. But I was like, 'I could do this every week.' I was laughing with my teammates and having fun. That's how it should be.

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