Saints Quarterback Drew Brees Shoulder Feels Strong in Practice Today

With apologies to Pelicans superstar power forward Anthony Davis, but when it comes to sports heroes in the city of New Orleans, Saints quarterback Drew Brees is still the undisputed least for the time being. So when #9 got hurt for the first time in his decade-long career in NOLA, it became Big News in The Big Easy. Here is the latest on Brees' recovery from the Saints practice facility. Take a peek at his two week roller coaster ride...

It's been a wild couple of weeks for New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees. He injured his throwing shoulder ten days ago against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The next day, rampant rumors were running wild around the Crescent City, that their adopted son had a torn rotator cuff and would be out for the rest of the season...and possibly beyond.

Saints doctors called it a 'bruised rotator cuff' and the skeptical Who Dat Nation didn't know what to think or believe. After all, the Saints aren't exactly forthcoming when it comes to handing out information regarding their players visits to the infirmary.  

Sean Payton's now famous "NEXT QUESTION" answers to the media became the punchline around town for anything occurrence that might need avoidance.  When New Orleans wives asked their husbands the dreaded 'do I look fat in this dress' question, they were immediately met with the answer "NEXT QUESTION." Thanks for the bail out Coach P.

It took the Scripture According to James (Dr. James Andrews that is), agreeing with the bruised rotator cuff diagnosis, for Saints fans to finally take a deep breath and put down the defibrillators. Soon after though, Brees was deemed not ready for action, and sat out the first game in his entire career due to injury this past Sunday at Carolina. 

Although the Saints played hard, and backup QB Luke McCown looked sharp, the Who Dats eventually lost another close, heartbreaking game.  The 27-22 loss dropped the Saints to 0-3 and to the bottom of the NFC South. It also didn't help that their chief division rivals, Atlanta and Carolina, both started their seasons with spotless 3-0 records.

So when Drew Brees hit the practice field today, it became a pivotal moment for the franchise and the rest of the Who Dat Nation.  How was his arm going to feel?  Was it possible for him to miss TWO STRAIGHT GAMES?

History tells us that an 0-3 record is almost impossible to come back from, but 0-4 is a virtual death sentence. Only the 1992 San Diego Chargers have recovered from 4 straight losses to start the season and then recover to make the playoffs. And that Charger team had to win 11 of its next 12 to accomplish the incredible feat.

Before the team hit the field this morning, the Saints announced that Drew Brees agreed to restructure his contract so they could have more 'wiggle room' to possibly make some deals to strengthen the roster. The 'sacrifice' Brees made this year bumps his 2016 salary cap hit all the way up to $30 million, which makes it the richest in the entire NFL next season.

After the team's practice today, Brees addressed the media saying that he participated in most of the team's reps at quarterback...and his shoulder and throwing motion felt strong. He then expressed that he fully expects to be in the starting lineup this Sunday night in the Superdome vs the Dallas Cowboys. Yes New Orleans, it's been a topsy turvy couple of weeks.

Please check out the video for the rest of the story....

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