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Drew Brees' Offer to Restructure Contract for Josh Norman

Today, it was reported that Drew Brees offered to restructure his contract in an attempt to help the salary cap-strapped New Orleans Saints make a run at former Carolina Panthers All-Pro cornerback Josh Norman. Although Norman eventually signed an extremely lucrative 5-year, $75 million deal with the Washington Redskins, I was impressed that Brees was working with management to help improve the team. Below is recent message board banter with one of my favorite posters...


According to ESPN's Ed Werder, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was willing to modify his contract to give his team a better chance at striking a deal with cornerback Josh Norman.  The report came after Norman settled with the Washington Redskins on a reported 5-year deal worth $75 million. The All-Pro cornerback reportedly had the Saints as one of his two finalists.

Brees and the Saints have been in talks about extending a deal set to expire after the 2016 season. Brees under his current deal will count for $30 million against the salary cap.

The Saints, with slightly less than $3.5 million in available cap space, would have needed some creative measures to match what Washington offered Norman.

Norman unexpectedly became a free agent Wednesday when the Carolina Panthers took back the exclusive franchise tag that bound him to the team for the 2016 season. He stood to earn $13.9 million under terms of the tag.

Maybe it is me, but I do take exception with the article or I should say the subject of the article.

Without an extension which hasn't been worked out yet essentially you are talking about a straight reduction in salary.

If that is true then why not just do it.  You (Brees) have played a long career and you want to stay in New Orleans so it would seem to me that if you are interested in making you final years productive you would have been looking for a way to sign at a quote Hometown Discount so we can use some of that money to bring in more top FAs.

I could actually see the Saints taking Lynch at #12 or moving down and taking Lynch and playing out the final year of the Brees Contract without resigning him.

I understand your comments about Drew Brees & they certainly have validity, but please allow me to play Devils Advocate. As a former agent, I can tell you that Drew Brees feels he way over performed on his original 6-year $60 Mill deal & never once complained that he was underpaid, as so many prima donna athletes do these days.

That said, is it also Brees fault, that his current 5-year $100M deal (20M per year) is so backloaded that he is due 30% of it in the final year of the deal?  He structured it that way so Mickey Loomis could have more flexibility in the first 4 years of the contract so he could bring players in that could help them get another Championship.

I'm setting this up on purpose for this next statement....Now, if you're Drew Brees & watching the numerous swings & misses the front office has had the last 2 seasons (Galette, Byrd, Browner, Spiller, etc), how comfortable would you feel just handing over your hard-earned money to a regime that has a pretty low batting average in recent years?

I find it admirable that Brees felt so strongly about a player that he undoubtedly knows could help the Saints immensely, that he was willing to do whatever it takes to get him here in the Crescent City. Loomis has worked some amazing magic with the salary cap numbers the last few years, but getting a $75 Million deal under the cap would have been an extraordinary feat under any circumstance. 

But like I said in opening, I completely understand your point, and just wanted to give a view point from the other side.

I think I'll do a story on this in the morning. Thanks TT....

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