Saints Week 7 Injury Report.

The New Orleans Saints defeated their divisional foes, the Atlanta Falcons, 45-17 on Sunday. But they were unfortunately unable to escape the game without some potentially serious injuries. Four starters were pulled from the game and the status of each remains unknown heading into this weekends game against Carolina.

Grady Jackson was pulled from the game with a strained thumb. Though x-rays came back negative and Jackson did return there is possible ligament damage and Jackson did not play as much after being reinserted into the lineup.

Donte Stallworth left the game with a strained quad and did not return. His status for next weekends game at Carolina is uncertain.

Dale Carter suffered an injury to his left ankle but he was able to return to the game after some treatment.

Ernie Conwell did not play again after straining his shoulder. No word has come yet on the severity of his injury and his status remains uncertain.

John Carney handled kickoff duties since Mitch Berger strained his quad during practice on Friday. Berger still handled his punting duties and finished with a net average of over 50 yards.

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