Saints Release Grady Jackson

In his Monday press conference New Orleans Saints head coach announced the team had released Grady Jackson. Jackson, who had been suspended for the Week 9 game at Tampa reportedly cost himself his job when he skipped out on a scheduled surgical procedure to re-attach a torn ligament in his finger. The suspension cost him one week's pay, $58,823.

"We just felt Grady was not the best situation for us right now especially with all of the young guys that we have at the defensive line," Haslett said "I think they are all coming along and playing really well. It is probably not the best fit for us right now. When we get Darren Howard back, we are going to put Willie Whitehead inside. Probably the best thing for us right now is to give Grady his release and try to let him catch onto another team." Darren Howard will begin practicing this week and his status for the Saints next game, week 11 against Atlanta, is pending. Willie Whitehead, meanwhile was released from a Tampa hospital after a 1 night stay due to dehydration. Whitehead reportedly played in all but 3 of the Saints defensive plays Sunday. Whitehead will split time inside with Kenny Smith.

Should no one else sign Jackson the Saints will have to pay him $470, 588 in compensation.

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