Week 10 Power Rankings

After 9 weeks of games the NFL's contenders are starting to seperate from the pretenders. Carolina, St. Louis and Tampa Bay all lost to teams ranked much lower then them. Also with Miami and Minnesota, who lost to strong teams, losing the top 12 looks completely different this week. Things are starting to get murky in the teens where some teams are rising (Green Bay and the Giants), some teams are falling (Denver and Tampa Bay), and some teams are schizophrenic (San Francisco.)

1) Kansas City enjoyed a week off to heal. Only 2 remaining games against teams with winning records.

2) Indianapolis Edgerrin James is getting healthy and no one else is missing a beat.

3) New England Even without their best defensive player they won on Monday night in Denver.

4) Seattle Defense is playing well so Holmgren can focus on offensive production.

5) Miami Their defense is not what is should be but it should still be enough.

6) Dallas Parcells continues toinspire this tough team, but a tough schedule looms.

7) Minnesota Tough loss against Green Bay. How they follow up will tell us alot about them.

8) Baltimore Ray Lewis on defense. Jamal Lewis on offense. Now they just need Michael Lewis for Special teams.

9) Carolina Teams may be figuring them out.

10) Tennessee McNair is playing great, so is the defense. They must be looking forward to the rematch with Indy.

11) Green Bay The WR's finally made some plays and the defense was solid.

12) Philadelphia McNabb may be starting to heat up.

13) New York Giants Amani Toomer is now making plays. Along with Shockey and Barber the Giants shouold be tough.

14) St. Louis They desperately need Marshall Faulk. And someone to call running plays for him.

15) Denver Kanell played OK for them. Losing their top 2 QB's was a tough break for a good team.

16) Buffalo Get the Ball to TRAVIS HENRY!

17) San Francisco Team did a good job protecting Rattay. Will they continue to do so?

18) Tampa Bay Two huge defeats in the last 3 weeks. Tampa needs to start a winning streak.

19) New Orleans 2-1 in the last 3 weeks. Another two victories will put them back in the division race.

20) Cincinati Marvin Lewis has this team believing.

21) New York Jets Return of Pennington should help turn their season around.

22) Houston The team continues to play tough as they improve.

23) Washington Spurriers system is just not working.

24) Chicago Thomas is looking good. Anyone else?.....Anyone?

25) Cleveland This place looks like a ticking timebomb.

26) Oakland Dissension in the ranks means a long season for Callahan.

27) Detroit The Lions are starting to learn Mooch's system.

28) Arizona Scrappy team that still needs a boost in talent.

29) Pittsburgh May have too many holes in key positions.

30) Jacksonville Leftwich is looking good which bodes well for this team.

31) San Diego Tomlinson needs some more help and Brees needs some better WR's.

32) Atlanta No Vick = very few wins.

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