Week 11 Power Rankings

After 10 weeks the cream is finally starting to rise to the top in the NFL. Contenders are starting to seperate themselves from pretenders and many of the teams that started the year off hot are beginning to struggle. Here are the week 11 power rankings from SaintsInsider.com.

1) Kansas City 9-0 WIth an easy schedule from here on out will the Cheifs lose at all?
2) New England 7-2 Belicheck continues to prepare his team. This weeks game against the Cowboys will be telling.
3) Carolina 7-2 The Panthers continue to win no matter who is running the ball. Delhomme is also growing into a good QB.
4) Indianapolis 7-2 Was the loss to the Jaguars a fluke or the latest installment in a late season collapse trend.
5) Tennessee 7-2 the Titans may be playing better than anyone right now.
6) Philadelphia 6-3 Not too may people are questioning McNabb right now.
7) St. Louis 6-3 The Rams beat a very good Ravens team last weekend, and they did it without much offense.
8) Dallas 7-2 Parcells continues to get more with less. A tough stretch awaits though.
9) Minnesota 6-3 Teams are finally starting to take advantage of the Vikings personnel weaknesses.
10) Seattle 6-3 The Seahawks may be starting to falter. Was last weeks loss a fluke or not? 11) Baltimore 5-4 A tough loss to the Rams. The Ravens are still the best team in their division, though maybe not without Boller.
12) Denver The Bronco's need Jake Plummer to return badly.
13) San Francisco 4-5 The 49ers could be 8-1. They should be 7-2. Still convincing wins against Tampa and St. Louis are impressive.
14) Miami 5-4 Something is wrong in fishland.
15) Green Bay 4-5 No one is making plays except Ahman Green. The Pack need a receiver to show up.
16) New Orleans 4-5 The Saints are starting to get on a roll. Will it continue?
17) Tampa Bay 4-5 The Bucs must have read too many of their own press clippings.
18) Cincinnati 4-5 Finally the Bengals have decided to join the NFL!
19) Washington 4-5 Spurrier benches himself as playcaller and the Redskins prosper?
20) NY Giants 4-5 The Giants are struggling to get anything done.
21) Buffalo 4-5 THe Bills, who once looked so good, now look horrible.
22) NY Jets 3-6 Pennington's return should continue to spark the Jets.
23) Houston 3-6 Dominick Davis is staking his claim for the starting RB job.
24) Pittsburgh 3-6 The Steelers look old and overpriced.
25) Arizona 3-6 The Cardinals are finally starting to develop a few young players.
26) Cleveland 3-6 Why jettison Kevin Johnson?
27) Detroit 3-6 Mooch still has his work cut out for him.
28) Chicago 3-6 The Bears need a QB. And a LT. And a CB. And a DE. And a WR. And a TE. and a coach.
29) San Diego 2-7 IT'S FLUTIE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLUTIEMANIA 2003 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30) Atlanta 2-7 Still no Mike Vick = no more than 3 wins this year.
31) Jacksonville 2-7 The addition of Kevin Johnson shoupd be huge for them....next year.
32) Oakland 2-7 They look old, and slow, and Callahan seems to have lost them.

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