Week 12 Power Rankings

After 11 weeks there are no more unbeaten teams. Some teams that looked strong at the start of the year are now faltering and in danger of missing out on the playoffs. Other teams are continuing to rise out of the doldrums and make a solid run at the playoffs. Here's how Saintsinsider.com ranks all the teams after 11 weeks

1) New England Simply playing the best football.

2) Indianapolis The Colts keep on rolling.
3) Carolina The Panthers are still finsing a way to win.
4) Tennessee The Titans may be playing better football than anyone and appear to be peaking at the right time.
5) Philadelphia The Eagles are starting to peak and are now tied with Dallas.
6) Kansas City With the loss, and the way they were dominated, the Cheifs drop a few spots.
7) St.
Louis The Rams are winning the games they are supposed to.
8) Seattle The Seahawks had a nice rebound victory against the Lions last weekend.
9) Dallas In the toughest part of a tough schedule.
10) Denver Plummer return will help them righ tthe ship.
11) San Francisco They have dominated 3 of the last 4 teams they played.
12) Cincinnati Lewis has Bengals fans starting to believe as they are now tied for first in the AFC Central.
13) Miami A much needed win at Baltimore may be the start of a winning streak.
14) Minnesota The Vikings defense has been exposed as fradulent.
15) Baltimore Bollers injury may doom this team.
16) Green Bay A tough loss at Philly followed by a tough win against Tampa, they still need to go on a run.
17) New Orleans Winners of 3 of their last 4.
18) Cleveland No WIliam Green, no problem.
19) New York Jets A good comeback against the Colts fell just short.
20) Buffalo Looks like the end for Greg Williams.
21) Washington The skins are at least starting to be competitive.
22) Pittsburgh The Steelers are in serious need of a running game.
23) Tampa Bay Keyshawn Johnson's cut was as much of a suprise as their record is.
24) New York Giants Fassel's days are numbered.
25) Oakland Raiders are starting to get it, but is it too little too late?
26) Chicago Showed a little life agains the Rams.
27) Houston Dominick Davis might be a keeper.
28) Atlanta They really need Vickto return healthy.
29) Jacksonville The Jaguars should be much improved next year.
30) Detroit The Lions are too old and not very talented.
31) San Diego The Chargers just look broken down.
32) Arizona Hate to see this happen to a guy like McGinnis.

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