week 15 Power Rankings

After 14 Weeks of football there are finally clear pictures in every division in the league. There were 5 games between teams competing for divisional titles last weekend. The playoff picture is starting to become much clearer as the pretenders begin to fall by the wayside.

1) New England No other team can even make a legitimate claim for this honor.
2) Philadelphia Where are the McNabb bashers now.
3) Indianapolis Good regular seasons are nothing new here, they need to win in January. Big with in Nashville though.
4) Kansas City Handled by Denver.
5) St. Louis They are sort of ranked here by default. They, unlike the 10 teams following them, do not find ways to beat themselves.
6) Minnesota The Vikings are starting to get back on track as the Packers pull closer to them.
7) Baltimore They have dominated 2 playoff contenders in the last two weeks. Or were they playoff pretenders?
8) Denver Portis is on fire and Plummer is doing just enough not to lose.
9) Miami They really need to get Rickey Williams going.
10) Tennessee They were playing really well up until the last two weeks. They should get things straightened out this week.
11) Carolina They have been playing over their head, but they still don't have any real competition for the division.
12) Green Bay The Packers are going to make the Vikings fight for the division.
13) Cincinatti Hard to believe the Bengals are in the playoff hunt.
14) Dallas Now that they are playing good teams the Cowboys are being exposed.
15) Tampa Bay The Bucs need to win a few more in a row.
16) San Francisco Will the real 49ers team please stand up?
17) Seattle Their defense is crumbling around them.
18) New Orleans A tough loss to the Bucs has hurt their playoff momentum.
19) Washington A division win for them finally.
20) Buffalo The Bills are fiesty but Williams is most likely gone soon.
21) Pittsburgh Am I the only one who thinks that a game between the current Steelers and their 1970's counterparts (in modern day form) would be competitive?
22) Jacksonville The defense is playing well for Del Rio. Fred Taylor looks like a man reborn.
23) New York Jets Too many injuries here.
24) Houston They are probably a year away from competing.
25) Cleveland Played the Rams tough but are still not a good football team.
26) New York Giants The Giants have quit on Fassel.
27) San Diego It's amazing what happens when Tomlinson get's the ball that many times.
28) Atlanta Vick's return got them at least 1 wn.
29) Chicago Could Rex Grossman be the man from here on?
30) Detroit This team could be 3 years away.
31) Oakland Cap purge a coming.
32) Arizona The Bengals of the new millinium.

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