Saints First Round Possibilities (Part 2)

In the first part of our two part look at the Saints first round needs we focused on defensive tackles. In part two we will focus on the cornerback position, the position that the Saints focused most on, at the Senior Bowl in Mobile.

Given that the Saints have not used a first round pick on a cornerback since they chose Alex Molden it is high time the Saints addressed that position with some young talent. Despite having a solid pass defense last season the Saints were limited in what they could do based on the absence of a shut down corner on their roster. Saints scouts and coaches were busy watching the cornerbacks this year at the Senior Bowl and sources have indicated to Saintsinsider that the team is likely to spend multiple early picks addressing the defensive backfield. Picking 18th overall in the first round it is not likely a safety will be available as Sean Taylor will be long gone, thus the Saints will likely focus on cornerbacks at that spot. Here's a look at the top corners available, any of whom could be available to the Saints at 18.

Marlin Jackson has played both CB and FS for the University of Michigan. It is likely that he will be used as a CB early in his career, though a switch to FS down the road is not out of the question. He would give the Saints a big bodied CB that could play any of their 4 positions. He could also replace Tebucky Jones down the road should Jones not improve his tackling.

Derrick Strait, the tough physical corner from Oklahoma, may be the best CB coming out this year. He is neither the biggest nor the fastest but he has displayed excellent cover skills during his time in Norman. It is likely he is the first CB chosen, though he could fall to the bottom of the first round based solely on measurables. The Saints would likely be hard pressed to pass up on him at 18.

DeAngelo Hall, from Virginia Tech is the exact opposite of Strait in every department except performance where he is every bit his equal. Hall is not as physical as Strait but may be a better pure cover corner, and is certainly flashier.

Chris Gamble may be the most talented CB in the nation but his game is built around taking risks. He could be the best out of this bunch in a few seasons but his style of play may not mesh with what the Saints expect out of the position.

The Saints will also likely do their homework on Dunta Robinson, from South Carolina, who they were disappointed in for skipping the Senior Bowl, and Will Poole, who they showed an interest in until he hurt himself and had to leave Mobile.

The Saints will likely take a CB in the first round unless the value at DT is too good to pass up. Even so they will likely take multiple DB's early in this draft and even went to great lengths to speak with one player at the Senior Bowl. Tune in to next weeks Round 2 preview to find out who.

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