Grading Thet New Orleans Saints Draft

<b>Analysis:</b> With a glaring need at the right tackle position, the Saints traded up to grab who could be the best offensive line prospect in the draft, Jammal Brown.

New Orleans Saints
1 (13) Jammal Brown; OT - Oklahoma
2 (40) Josh Bullocks; S - Nebraska
3 (82) Alfred Fincher; MLB - Connecticut
4 (118) Chase Lyman; WR - California
5 (152) Adrian McPherson; QB - Florida State
6 (193) Jason Jefferson; DT - Wisconsin
7 (232) Jimmy Verdon; DE - Arizona State

Analysis: With a glaring need at the right-tackle position, the Saints traded up to grab probably the best offensive line prospect in the draft. Very nimble on his feet and powerful at the point of attack, Brown has the potential to become an All-Pro, and immediately improves a right tackle position for the Saints who looked for a dominator. Brown should step right in immediately and start at right tackle, which was an area on the roster and on game-day where the team had some struggles. Brown could become a left tackle at some point in his career due to his athletic ability.

The New Orleans Saints struggled in the defensive backfield last season, with pass coverage being a major issue. Josh Bullocks is adept in pass coverage and should immediately help this facet of the New Orleans defense. He has displayed the ability to recover well in coverage and rarely is out of position, but lacks the top-end speed. Though his run defense skills are average, Bullocks is being brought to New Orleans to add quality and depth, all in the attempt to minimize the pass.

Looking for players who will stop the run within the front seven of the defense, the Lions tabbed Alfred for effort and intensity. He could help the Saints at either the inside or outside spots and will provide depth in 2005.

Grade: C+

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