Saints: From The Coaches Corner

Pregame comments from the New Orleans Saints head coach Jim Haslett on this week's opponent the New England Patriots.

Head Coach Jim Haslett 11/16

(On New England's formula for success)

"They sign veterans in the off-season. They go out and get good football players like (Tim) Dwight. They even signed Chad Morton. They sign a lot of guys that are veterans that can step in and play and be effective."

( On the necessity for improvement in the passing game)

"It has to be made. Our running game has been fine. Even averaging run per play we're like fifth in the league in average run per play. Our passing game's not clicking. We have too many sacks, way too many drops. That's one area where in the second half of the season, for us to win games, we got to get better."

( On his concern about the passing game)

"With Joe (Horn) being hurt for the best of four games didn't help us. Donte's (Stallworth) been hurt off and on. Then you look at Az (Zahir Hakim), he's missed three games and Devery's (Henderson) been inconsistent, good at times and bad at times and Nate (Poole) gets hurt. It's been a number of different things. You can't say it's one aspect of it more than another since it's a number of things."

Head Coach Jim Haslett 11/17

(On Expectations for this weekend's game)

"We're playing a great football team, a team that's won a bunch of Super Bowls. I think it's a great challenge for our team. I don't think anybody expects us to win, but I think our guys expect to win. I think it's going to be a heck of a game. Obviously they got a lot of talent from top to bottom, the top 53 guys. They got guys that were out on the street. They're coming in and playing well. They're well-coached; they got a lot of great players and a great quarterback, so it's going to be a heck of a game."

(On the teams previous preseason trip to New England)

"It seems like about two years ago."

( On optimism from training camp and its carry forward)

"Coming off the way we ended last year, the four wins and we had a great postseason, picking up a couple of playmakers like Dwight Smith and Josh Bullocks, Az (Zahir Hakim). We started off, had a great training camp, and had a great start in the first game. We've been reeling ever since."

( On whether there were any warning signs [about the team's troubles] )

"No, not really. We haven't played consistent enough in any area. We're looking forward to the second half of the season in really doing that, putting everything together."

( On whether there was more optimism this off-season than others)

"Probably, but I'm still optimistic we can end on a good note. The thing that I like about our team is that our guys are still working hard. They're into it. They're practicing hard. We need to take that to the field every week and finish teams off. We've had opportunities with Chicago, Miami and St. Louis to win games. We haven't put it together. It's not something that somebody else is doing. We're doing it to ourselves. We got nobody else to blame but ourselves. Hopefully these next seven games, we can put some wins together and at least feel good about ourselves."


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