Reggie Bush Press Conference - June 2

Reggie Bush, New Orleans' future star, spoke to the media after Friday's practice. He discussed the 5 vs. 25 decision, his adjustment to the NFL, what he already knows about Drew Brees, and his health in this informative trascript for Saints Insider readers!

Q: Are you still doing any rehab?

A: "Yes."

Q: What are they having you do?

A: "Just stretching, nothing special, nothing serious."

Q: Do you feel pretty comfortable with your learning curve?

A: "Yes, I feel pretty comfortable. Obviously coming from USC, we have a pro style offense and the coaches really prepared us for the NFL. Everything kind of comes natural for me."

Q: Are you excited about being with the veterans?

A: "Obviously the chance to work out with the vets and practice with them and get into the flow of how things are actually is going to be is good for us all."

Q: Are you surprised at all the adulation you are still getting in the city?

A: "No, I'm not surprised. It comes with the territory of being successful. Regardless of the past negativity, I still feel like people are supporting me and so like you said, the kids coming out today, that was great and getting to sign autographs for them, it was great."

Q: Can you expand on what you are trying to do at Tad Gormley Stadium?

A: "Basically what we're trying to do is to restore the football field and that whole stadium and give the youth a chance to play on a field that's nice and kept, nice and maintained, a chance to play on something nice. That's really it."

Q: Is there a timetable for this to happen?

A: "Hopefully as soon as possible we can get that done and they can get on the field."

Q: Do you like being number 25 so far?

A: "So far, it's all right. It's not five, but it's all right."

Q: What have your conversations with Fred McAfee been?

A: "He didn't mind. I was thankful to him for that for giving me the number. That was really it. There was no big fuss with the number or anything. It was just the number at the end of the day."

Q: Have you been able to talk to Deuce?

A: "Not really, in our running backs meetings. We're talking and learning. He's still trying to learn this system just like I am. This is a new coaching staff, first year head coach. We're all trying to learn their style of coaching and their play calling."

Q: What are your impressions of Drew Brees?

A: "I already knew Drew from before, so Drew's a good guy, a good person, a great quarterback from what I've seen on TV and I've known some of the Chargers and they've had nothing but good to say about him from those guys, from LaDainian (Tomlinson). He's a good guy and a great quarterback and a good person to have on your side."

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