Former Saint Turley Signs With Chiefs

Kyle Turley is about to make a return to the NFL from a two-year hiatus. has learned that the former Saints and Rams tackle has agreed in principle to a two-year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs. The contract has yet to be signed but the team expects Turley to arrive at the Chiefs complex on Monday to sign the deal and complete a physical.

Turley recently tried out for the Dolphins as a tight end but agreed to play tackle with the Chiefs, although they could work him in at TE in some cases as well.

Turley started every game but one from 1998 through 2003 but a back injury sidelined him after the 2003 season and Turley has not played since.

If he wins the starting right tackle job then both of the Chiefs' starting tackles would be former Saints first-round picks under former New Orleans team president Billy Kuharich, now the Chiefs VP of Player Personnel. Willie Roaf, the first of New Orleans' two first-round picks in 1993 was the other player. Turley was taken seventh overall, five years later.

Turley’s persona on the football field is one of a mean, angry and sometimes crazy player. Off the field, however, he is one of the NFL’s most charitable players. He helped raise considerable funds in the wake of 9/11 and then last year after Hurricane Katrina drove down to New Orleans to help out and even offered to take a truck to Saints players homes, load them up, and drive their belongings to San Antonio. Turley also helped raise a considerable sum of money to help the victims of this disaster.

Turley had reportedly dropped 50 pounds from his playing weight at tackle when he tried out at tight end. It’s unclear what his weight currently stands at.

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