Joe Horn Press Conference: 7/28

The Saints outstanding wide receiver talks to the local media. Here is the transcript...


Q: Can you discuss your first impressions of this camp?
A: "I've been in this game 11 years now, so it was camp. The first day of camp is usually like that. We ran a little bit this morning, so it was kind of hard, the evening practice. It's football; it's all a part of training camp."
Q: What was the first practice like under Coach Payton as opposed to Coach Haslett?
A: "It was fun. I was more happy for Coach Payton, because in his first year as a head coach he gets to show the world what he can do as a head coach. I was more happy for him. It was too hot and I wasn't thinking about Coach Haslett. He's doing his thing in St. Louis."
Q: Do you think Drew Brees is progressing?
A: "Sure, he's getting more reps and obviously his arm is strong enough to throw the passes that people didn't think he'd be able to throw right now. He got through today throwing the ball very well and I'm sure they'll be highlighting that a lot tonight on ESPN."
Q: What does he bring to this team that Aaron Brooks couldn't bring?
A: "Next question."
Q: How is this team offensively different aside from the addition of Drew Brees?
A: "Obviously we added some talent in terms of drafting Reggie Bush and some other guys we got on the roster. We'll see. You can always talk about guys you got on your team, but until that first snap on Sunday when the bullets start flying, you really can't tell, but we definitely have some talented guys that we drafted and some free agents that we brought in here."
Q: What do you think of Reggie Bush not being here?
A: "He has to do what he has to do. Every guy is blessed to get drafted, they have to take their time and weight out their options. Reggie Bush is not the first one who sat out training camp being the second pick in the first round. I understand. Reggie was here in the off-season and OTAs and the mini-camps, so he showed New Orleans, Mississippi and the whole world that he wanted to be with the New Orleans Saints. I'm sure he'll be here soon."
Q: How important is it that he be here sooner rather than later?
A: "I think it's more important for him because he wants to show the world what he can do. He wants to get in here and learn the plays. He wants to show everybody that he's ready to go. We definitely want Reggie here, but he has to take his time and sort out his options and get the best deal for him and his family."
Q: What kind of impact has Drew Brees had on this team?
A: "Big-time leadership from day one when I met Drew, he was 150 percent downhill ready to go. Then when he got on the football field, knowing he couldn't throw the ball, he was still involved. He was still trying to be the general, still trying to be the leader and I like that. I expected that out of Drew and he showed it once he started throwing the ball. He basically told the guys what he expected as the leader of this football team and that's what he stated. He wanted everyone to know that he was the captain; he was the leader of this football team. We didn't have to vote on who the captain of this football team would be, because we all knew Drew would come in here and made that a fact."
Q: Did that happen yesterday?
A: "Yes."
Q: What do you think of holding the camp in Jackson as opposed to Metairie?
A: "I think the fans there in New Orleans, they've had us there so many years, and after Katrina, the people in Mississippi and New Orleans, a lot of people suffered and I think for us to be here, you should tip your hat off to the fans in New Orleans. We're here in Mississippi. We're giving the Mississippians a chance to come out and see us practice and be a part of the New Orleans Saints. Some of them couldn't go down to Airline Drive to see us after they get out of work for us on Friday and Saturday. It's good for us to be here and Mr. (Tom) Benson is definitely showing his love here to the fans in the Mississippi area. They should be grateful and I'm sure that they are."

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