Saints Mailbag — April 14

The New Orleans Saints are closing in on draft day and's Matthew Postins took time out to answer message board posts and chime in on other users' questions about a Notre Dame prospect, the cornerback situation and more. Find out that and more inside.

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What about Notre Dame DT Trevor Laws in the second round? Don't know if he will be available, but I have seen a couple of mock drafts w/ him falling to us in the 2nd. — KtoLV

Matthew Postins: Laws is considered a high second-round pick that can play either tackle position and compares to Baltimore's Kelly Gregg. He led Notre Dame with 112 tackles last year and had four sacks. He can get to the quarterback, can help stop the run and create plays in the backfield. I think he would be a sound pick here. I don't think he's going to be a star, but he could be a productive tackle for a long time.

So which corners make the roster? Now we have Jason David, Mike McKenzie, Randall Gay, Jason Craft, Usama Young, Aaron Glenn, Greg Fassitt and Anwar Phillips. I'm guessing we will still draft one this year, say third or fourth round. Who makes the squad? — KtoLV

Matthew Postins: Most NFL teams will keep five or six cornerbacks because they need some of those speedy players for special teams. Barring injury, David, McKenzie, Gay, Craft and Glenn, to me, are locks. Young will be fighting for his job, frankly, and if the Saints take a corner early they'll be more apt to give the newer guy more leeway to make the roster. The Saints could keep a seventh and keep both Young and the drafted corner. It's not unprecedented. Fassitt and Phillips will have to have great training camps to make the roster. They have an advantage in that the Saints can return them to the practice squad in the regular season. But with that many veterans already on the roster, the youngsters are fighting for one or two spots.

Malcolm Kelly could slide into the third round. This really doesn't effect us that much, but some projections I have seen had Kelly going to the Bills with the 11th pick. With his stock slipping due to his 40 time, that could leave us with less leverage for a trade, or it could make teams desperate for WRs more willing to trade up to get (Limas) Sweed or Devin Thomas. — KtoLV

Matthew Postins: I don't think Kelly will slip that far, though you can now add character issues after he lashed out at Oklahoma officials after his pro day. When it comes to trade offers from teams who want to move up for a receiver, the Saints don't have much leverage to begin with, but it's not their fault. While there is definite talent at wide receiver, there is no one worth trading up for in my mind, at least not into the Top 10. I don't see any team valuing any other receiver higher than No. 11 (where Buffalo selects), so that eliminates the need to trade up. At most, one wide receiver will be selected in the Top 15. The teams that really need wide receivers — like Tampa Bay — will wait because this draft is teeming with solid prospects. But there's no one worth breaking the bank for.

Who are Saints fans the most happy with being signed? The most questioned? Most Panthers fans are happy with Landon Johnson (LB) and say we wasted money on Toniu Fonoti (G). Good luck in the draft. — Canapanthersfan

Matthew Postins: He isn't a signing, but the trade for Jonathan Vilma seems to have elicited the most favorable response. He's going to get back to what he does best — patrolling the middle of a 4-3 defense. He'll have an immediate impact on the run defense and was certainly worth the fourth-round pick the Saints gave up to get him (there's also a conditional pick in 2009). As far as the move most questioned, it's a tossup between Bobby McCray and Dan Morgan. McCray didn't produce when given the chance to start a year ago and looks like a career situational pass rusher to me. The Saints committed to five years and that seems too long for what looks like a one-note player. As for Morgan, his contract is only for two years but the odds are long he'll play all 16 games in 2008. He's one concussion away from ending his career in my opinion and he's played four games in two years. The Saints could have done better and Morgan shouldn't have gotten more than a year.

IF Brett Farve comes back, and I think that is 50-50, he will play for the... — Jpcedotal

Matthew Postins: I think I know where this is going and the answer is … the Green Bay Packers. You must understand that Favre has not filed his retirement papers yet, which means he's still under contract with the Packers (and still counts against their cap). Just because he says he's retired doesn't mean his contract is null and void the next day. He must file his paperwork first. The Packers own his rights until further notice.

How 'bout them Hawnitz? I'm not a big basketball fan but the Hornets are slowly but surely gaining my attention. It doesn't give me the same rush as the Black & Gold does when they're winning but it ain't bad. This area needs another winner (LSU being the other) and this may be just what the Dr. ordered. It may not be the Saints but it is New Awlins. — Merw111

Matthew Postins: Any opportunity New Orleans has to gain a bit more normalcy back is a good thing in my opinion. I saw the Hornets last year in Dallas and I thought they were an up-and-coming team, and they've proved me right. They'll make some noise in the playoffs and I'll be behind them — unless they face my Mavericks. Sorry, gotta side with my hometown team on that one. But good luck to the Hornets. They already appear to be this year's feel-good NBA story. has started its "Saints Scouting Report" series, profiling players the Saints could have interest in selecting on April 26-27. Catch up by checking out our reports on Glenn Dorsey, Jonathan Stewart, Mike Pollak , Tracy Porter , Jerod Mayo and Sedrick Ellis.

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