Saints Mock Draft — Round 2

On Saturday the New Orleans Saints will finally be on the clock for the 2008 NFL Draft. Who will they select in the second round? Today, Matthew Postins unveils his second-round selection for the Saints, and he believes they'll choose to add a teammate for Jason David in the secondary.

Second round — No. 40 overall

Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas

First Mock Draft selection: DT Marcus Harrison, Arkansas.

Second Mock Draft selection: CB Brandon Flowers, Virginia Tech.

Why?: First, let's address the talk of Talib's marijuana use in college. Reportedly Talib admitted to several teams at the scouting combine that he tested positive for marijuana three times in college. Pro Football Weekly's Nolan Narwocki quoted one league official as saying that he "wouldn't touch" Talib, who was suspended for two games in 2006 for disciplinary reasons.

The Saints apparently heard enough at the combine because they invited Talib in for a visit in April, meaning he's on their radar. The admission, though, has likely ruined Talib's chances at a first-round selection. That might not be a bad thing for the Saints or Talib.

By taking Talib, the Saints would select a player every scout agrees has first-round talent. analyst Tom Marino — who has 35 years as a pro scout — said Tailb is a "talented shutdown corner with a world of ability" with great size, zone awareness and ball skills. Marino said he can sort things out very quickly on the field and has "wide receiver" hands. The Saints secondary struggled mightily last year to create turnovers, and a guy like Talib could pay off instantly.

Talib, meanwhile, would come to New Orleans with something to prove to the teams that passed on him in the first round. Don't underestimate a player with a chip on his shoulder. And with Randall Gay and Aaron Glenn in the fold now, Talib doesn't have to make an immediate contribution. But he will. That's the bonus of taking a player with first-round talent in the second round.

Alternate theory: The Saints could go after a defensive tackle here, which is a big need. Auburn DT Pat Sims is a popular choice here, Marino says he's talented but wouldn't risk a second-round pick on him. The Saints have met with no other defensive tackles. Some believe that USC DE Lawrence Jackson could drop to the second round, making him a great value. North Carolina's Kentwan Balmer, another DT, looks like a second-rounder now, too.

I think the Saints will stand pat offensively here.

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Matthew Postins is the publisher of He is an award-winning member of the Pro Football Writers Association.

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