Saints Q&A: Tracy Porter

The New Orleans Saints selected Indiana CB Tracy Porter on Saturday in the second round of the NFL Draft. Want to get to know Porter? Here's an interview he gave to the media at the scouting combine in February so you can get to know New Orleans' newest cornerback.

What are your strengths as a cornerback?

Tracy Porter: My cover skills and my speed for the most part. I have the ability to stay with the receiver, running deep route and short route and I have the skills to cover them as well.

When you talk about coverage skills, what aspect in general is best.

Tracy Porter: Hands on receivers is by far my best attribute.

How many teams have you met with to this point?

Tracy Porter: I have two interviews today. I haven't met with anybody yet.

When it comes to playing for an NFL team, what do you fee like you're more suited to play - zone, press coverage?

Tracy Porter: Nothing in particular. I just want to get on the field. Whatever it takes to get on the field, I'll master that technique and get on the field.

What did you play most at Indiana?

Tracy Porter: We were a quarters based defense. That opened up a lot of man to man. We played a variety of coverages.

What do you bring to an NFL squad? What are your biggest assets?

Tracy Porter: My coverage and ball skills. I have the ability to catch the ball away from my body, just like a receiver. I have the ability to cover and blanket receivers.

Talk about the transformation the program (at Indiana) made from your freshman year to when you left.

Tracy Porter: My freshman year, there wasn't a real winning attitude at the school. My sophomore year is when Coach (Terry) Hoeppner and his staff came in and turned the program around. We won more games each year we were there. My freshman year we won three, then four, then five. This year we won seven and went Bowling. I definitely think we improved as a team and I got better as an individual.

You played basketball for four years in high school and football the last two. Why did you decide to play football?

Tracy Porter: The coaches tried to get me out for football since my freshman year. I turned them down and said I wasn't a football guy. One day over the summer, my friends and coaches were asking me over and over to come out. I decided to go out for seven-on-seven over the summer and performed well so I said I might give it a shot.

Were you a basketball guy? Is that what it was?

Tracy Porter: Oh, yeah. Pure basketball.

How did you get your hands on so many footballs? Is it a knack?

Tracy Porter: I've always wanted the ball in my hands so I did whatever I could to get the ball in my hands. Playing defense, you don't get many balls your way, but when the ball comes, you have to seize the opportunity and I think I did a great job of that.

Does that go back to your point guard background?

Tracy Porter: Yeah. I've always had the ball in my hands as a point guard.

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