Saints Draft Day Q&A: Sedrick Ellis

Sedrick Ellis is the future of the New Orleans Saints defensive line. What were his first impressions of his selection by the Saintsa and how does he perceive his role in New Orleans? Find out in this exclusive Draft Day Q&A and find out before anyone else.

How good did it feel to be selected by the Saints?

Sedrick Ellis: It's a huge day. With everything combined from the Pro Days and throughout the draft process, I was talking to the Saints and I didn't know if it was going to be the Saints or Cincinnati, but I'm very pleased to be down there with those guys. It's a great organization and Reggie's (Bush) down there, so it will be great.

How easy do you think it will be to fit in here, especially since you've worked with defensive line coach Ed Orgeron before?

Sedrick Ellis: One thing about that guy is that you know what you're going to get with him. You're going to work and he's going to make you a better football player. You're not going to stay the same – you're always going to get better with Coach Orgeron. I'm looking forward to getting back in a system with him where I can work and get better as a football player and never stay the same. This is really exciting; I'm kind of at a loss for words.

Do you think he made a big push for you?

Sedrick Ellis: I know he made a big push for me. He was with me my freshman and sophomore years at USC and he knows what kind of player I am. He knows that when I come to play football that's my life and I'm serious about it. He took advantage of that at SC and made me a better football player and I'm sure he's going to take advantage of that in New Orleans and make me a great football player there also. Great players need great coaches and I think it will be a great match."

How much did you talk with the Saints during this process?

Sedrick Ellis: I had numerous meetings with them during the combine and before the pro day; there were numerous meetings. It kind of threw me off a little bit because right before the draft I had a visit set up and they cancelled, and I didn't quite know what they were thinking, but I guess they had positive thoughts.

At what point today did you know for sure that the Saints were going to take you?

Sedrick Ellis: I didn't know, but when they traded up to seventh, in my mind I was almost sure that that was why they traded up. I had heard rumors of that circulating, but when it materialized that's what I figured it would be.

How well do you know Reggie Bush?

Sedrick Ellis: We were in the same recruiting class in 2003 at USC and we played three years together. Reggie and I are pretty cool and really close, and it will be good to be back on a team with someone that I know that can show me around the city and get me acclimated.

How exciting will it be for you to play on a defensive line with Will Smith and Charles Grant?

Sedrick Ellis: It's going to be great to get down there with those guys and get into that pro system and learn from guys who know what it's all about. I'm looking forward to the experience and I just want to learn. I want to pick stuff up as soon as possible and those are some great guys to pick it up from.

What tackle position do you fit in at best, the nose or the three technique?

Sedrick Ellis: I feel that I can play any position. Whatever you need out of me, I think I can play. I think those guys recognize that. I played nose tackle primarily in my college career. I played the three technique also. I think I showcased what I can do. I think I have shown the teams that I am more versatile than what they previously might have thought.

You had a lot of sacks last year. Is that sort of your forte?

Sedrick Ellis: Teams are looking for guys that are disruptive and can make sacks and that's what it's all about, stopping the run all the way to the quarterback. I think it will be a great team out there and I'm glad with the choice that they made.

What was your whole feeling about the draft process as things proceeded with your stock?

Sedrick Ellis: It went up and down. I tried to control what I was doing, because you can't control what the other teams are doing. I can control what I do.

Did you feel that the combine was a frustrating time for you and then that the USC pro day was a big moment for you?

Sedrick Ellis: Especially when you don't do as well as you like, of course it's frustrating. I feel like I worked hard and came back on the pro day and did a good job.

Is today a big day for USC defensive players in general maybe stealing a little bit of a spotlight from the offensive guys?

Sedrick Ellis: Those are my teammates. We're all a team.

Did you have a feeling going into this draft that the Saints were going to take you or what other teams do you think were kind of looking at you?

Sedrick Ellis: In my mind either the Saints or Cincinnati. The Saints wanted it a little bit more and they made some moves to come up and get me. That's how the draft goes.

Where are you right now?

Sedrick Ellis: I'm currently in my hometown of Chino, California.

What size of a group of family, friends and supporters are with you?

Sedrick Ellis: I think I have about 100 people at Dave and Busters. Everybody went crazy. I had about 100 family members and friends. People who have been with me most of my life.

Are the video games on you today?

Sedrick Ellis: Yes, we're going to play some video games. That's one of my favorite hobbies.

Were you doing that to relieve some tension earlier?

Sedrick Ellis: I was nervous and glued to the television. Now I can play some games.

Was there any other talk of you going to New York City?

Sedrick Ellis: They kept a low number. They only invited a few guys.

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