Saints Q&A: Carl Nicks

The New Orleans Saints selected Nebraska OT Carl Nicks on Sunday in the fifth round of the NFL Draft. Want to get to know Nicks? Here's an interview he gave to the media at the scouting combine in February so you can get to know New Orleans' newest offensive lineman.

What's this Combine experience been like for you so far in Indianapolis?

Carl Nicks: Hectic, that's just how it's always going to be the first couple of days. It will get more exciting once Friday and Saturday comes when we actually get to do some stuff.

What's the response you got about your play down at the Senior Bowl last month in Mobile?

Carl Nicks: Everybody said I started off kind of rusty, but I ended up doing pretty good the last couple of days of practice and in the game. So I'd say my stock has gone up since the Senior Bowl.

Are you happy with your weight right now, or have you trimmed down some since the Senior Bowl where you came in at 343 pounds?

Carl Nicks: I am actually couple pounds lighter at 340. I am just going to prove to people down here how fast I am and that I can carry my weight.

What type of 40 time do you expect to run at the Combine?

Carl Nicks: That's a surprise man. I don't want to give that out. I want everybody to go 'huh?' when they see what I run. I'll let you see on Saturday.

Your versatility to play guard or tackle, how much does that help you in this draft?

Carl Nicks: I think the more positions you can play, the higher you are worth. When people see you can play both positions your stock is going to go up, because teams like that.

How much did the Senior Bowl process help you out before getting to the Combine?

Carl Nicks: It really helped me because the Senior Bowl was kind of a light weight deal showing me what was to come in the Combine. It was a good experience and it was like a pregame before the real show.

What do you want to show the coaches here in Indianapolis?

Carl Nicks: I guess I want to show a lot of them that I play good at this weight and I'm athletic and fast enough to handle it and I think the numbers will show that.

Your first year at Nebraska you really struggled. Did you think you'd be at this point after how much you struggled in your first season?

Carl Nicks: The only thing I really struggled with was the playbook. It wasn't really the physical part where I struggled, it was just the playbook. I just needed the opportunity and by week six I felt like I had a grasp of the playbook. Once I got an opportunity I moved back and did fine. I just needed a chance.

What would you say are your weaknesses right now?

Carl Nicks: I have to work on my footwork and I have work on my hand placement and my pad level, because I stand up too high. I think if I play for a good team and a good coach, I'll take care of all three of those things.

Would it be fair to assume that the Jets will have an interest in you because of your connection to Bill Callahan?

Carl Nicks: They need a right tackle, so it is fair to say. Me and Callahan have close ties, but you never know until draft day. I talked to Callahan yesterday and I've got an interview with him on Friday, so we'll see how that goes.

How different was that for you seeing your former head coach working as an assistant in the NFL?

Carl Nicks: It was kind of weird, but not really. Callahan always kept a pro mentality, so he wasn't much different than normal, he was just wearing a different uniform.

What did he tell you when you guys talked?

Carl Nicks: It was really just small talk. We just caught up to see how each of us was doing. There was a little bit of football talk, but not much. He didn't seem too caught up what's happened in the past.

What are you hearing now on your draft stock?

Carl Nicks: I'm hearing top two rounds still. Right now somewhere in the top 10 picks in the second round.

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