Saints Q&A: Adrian Arrington

The New Orleans Saints selected Michigan WR Adrian Arrington on Sunday in the seventh round of the NFL Draft. Want to get to know Arrington? Here's an interview he gave to the media at the scouting combine in February so you can get to know New Orleans' newest wide receiver.

Why did you leave Michigan early?

Adrian Arrington Really, there's no quarterback there right now. It was just those two big factors (along with Lloyd Carr's retirement. Without the quarterback, how are we going to throw the ball or do anything?

Did you meet with new coach Rich Rodriguez?

Adrian Arrington They were good. They were typical meetings. He talked about the strengths of how he'd run his offense. Ultimately, I just thought I was ready and I think I made the right decision.

Are you ready for the pros?

Adrian Arrington I've been working hard showing all my skills. I feel I'm a great route runner. I have great hands. I felt ultimately I was ready for this. It's always been my dream and I was ready to pursue it.

Have you ever talk to Braylon Edwards?

Adrian Arrington Oh yeah, I talk to Braylon at least two times a week. He's one of my best friends. The main thing he tells me is to be calm and don't let the pressure built on you.

Talk about QB Chad Henne's good qualities?

Adrian Arrington He's excellent at everything he does to me. He's a great quarterback, has an unbelievable arm, great accuracy and just his knowledge of the game. He can read a defense like that. Before the ball is ever snapped, he knows exactly where the ball is going to go.

Where do you fit into this draft, doesn't seem like a dominant receiver in the draft yet?

Adrian Arrington There are a lot of small guys, a lot of big guys. I feel like with the bigger receivers, I'm right there at the top of the pack.

What if Lloyd carr had returned to Michigan?

Adrian Arrington If Lloyd Carr came back, I probably would've stayed.

What about Mallett?

Adrian Arrington Would've stayed probably.

Talk about the bowl win against Florida?

Adrian Arrington That was an unbelievable for a bunch of different factors. With everybody doubting us and saying it was going to be a blowout, it was great. And sending Coach Carr out with a win, a great man, that was a great feeling for everybody.

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