Caplan takes on tough Saints questions

Want to know how close the Tampa Bay Buccaneers got to dealing for Jeremy Shockey and Lito Sheppard on draft day? Can the Saints still get a deal done? asked's Senior NFL reporter, Adam Caplan, for his analysis of the siuation. Get this insider's take on the Saints right there.

Matthew Postins In the trade for Sedrick Ellis, did the Saints give up what was appropriate or give up too much to acquire the tackle?

Adam Caplan: That was the deal I thought they would make instead of going up to No. 2 which would have cost them a lot more in picks and money.

Matthew Postins The Jeremy Shockey rumors were flying around on Saturday, but nothing happened. What was the stumbling block and do you believe there's a chance to resurrect the deal? If so, does the price on Shockey come down?

Adam Caplan: There was a willingness on both sides to do the deal but a source with knowledge of the situation notes the Giants weren't willing to budge off of a second-round pick plus additional picks. There's little chance something gets done in the future. But it's interesting that the Saints didn't draft a tight end which was a need position for them. It seemed that they held out hope that the Giants would reconsider their asking price over the weekend but that didn't happen.

Matthew Postins Now that the Saints have selected Tracy Porter, is there any chance they'll go after Lito Sheppard? Or is that deal dead?

Adam Caplan: They talked to the Eagles but it didn't seem that they were going hard after him.

Matthew Postins Looking at their draft, how would you grade it?

Adam Caplan: They did well in addressing the needs at defensive tackle (with Ellis and DeMario Pressley) and at cornerback with Porter.

Matthew Postins Finally, with the roster limit at 80 players, how will that affect how players manage their rosters from now until the draft? Will they sign fewer UFAs? Will they release players earlier than usual as training camp approaches?

Adam Caplan: Doesn't really matter. Teams often will sign to the limit just to have enough players to be at minicamps etc. They'll cut the players they don't think are worth bringing to training camp.

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