Another view of Shockey's Matthew Postins asked's Ken Palmer to give his assessment of New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey. Palmer's views on Shockey's talent, locker room mentality and dealings with the media shed more light on the player the Saints dealt two draft picks for on Monday. Get the exclusive right here.

The New Orleans Saints acquired Pro Bowl tight end Jeremy Shockey on Monday for two draft choices. As part of my research, I asked's Ken Palmer about Shockey and got a bit more than I bargained for.

I was looking for a scouting report, but Palmer gave me an assessment of Shockey as a player and as a person. Here are some excerpts that might interest Saints fans everywhere:

On Shockey as a receiver: He's obviously well above-average. His ability to get open and to run quick, accurate routes is a strong plus. His YAC (yards after catch) numbers are always good. However, there are times he will start to run before securing the ball, leading to a decent amount of drops. His rugged, aggressive style of play leads to many nicks and bruises, most of which he plays through but does affect his play somewhat.

On Shockey as a blocker: He's come a real long way, but almost shied away from any plaudits for the improvement, because he so despised how often the Giants asked him to block. Watch how much the Giants running game falls off this year without him.

On Shockey in the locker room: Most of his teammates found him to be a great mate, especially the younger tight ends, whom he would spend plenty of time working with.

On the deal itself: I'm on record as thinking this was a terrible deal for the Giants. Sure he wanted out, but here's a Pro Bowl tight end — of which there are only four or five on earth — and they basically gave him away.

On Shockey dealing with the media: He's very unpredictable with the media, and often didn't show up on days he was supposed to speak. After six years in NY, really no one was able to get in to become one of ‘his' guys.

Naturally Saints fans care little about Shockey's dealings with the media. But Palmer's perspective matches up with the feeling among national pundits that the Saints made out like bandits in this deal and have acquired a player that will elevate their offense back to its 2006 zenith.

Shockey reports to Millsaps College on Wednesday. That's when the fun will really begin.

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