Six points with Sean Payton: July 24

Here are some excerpts from New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton's opening press conference of training camp from Millsaps College on Thursday, the first day of practice for all players:

Any player moves?

PAYTON: "In regards to the roster, we signed Wale Dada, a cornerback who got in last night and practiced today. He fills the 80th spot per se; we're still waiting on the two drafted rookies. Mike McKenzie, Josh Bullocks, Eric Johnson and Marques Colston were the guys that did not go this morning. Marques will go this afternoon."

Why didn't Colston practice this morning?

PAYTON: "We kept him out of the morning workout because he had some inflammation in his knee and they gave him an injection which was just a lubricant that needs 24 hours to calm down. He'll go this afternoon and we'll monitor him."

Is that lingering from the scope that he had?

PAYTON: "Depending on how much wear and tear he has — he's been running lately and his weight is down, so he had some swelling, but that's just something that we have to monitor."

How did Deuce McAllister look to you out there this morning?

PAYTON: "He's lost a lot of weight and because of that he's carrying it a little bit better. I was pleased with his conditioning level and the shape he came in and I think the further we go here we'll see more and more but he handled the reps pretty well this morning. I'll monitor how much work he gets this afternoon and early on we might just start with morning work and then back off a little bit in the afternoon until we get him to full speed."

Did he get a full amount of reps today?

PAYTON: "He got a fair amount – I don't know if it was the full allotment, but there are six or seven running backs out there. He was full-go this morning and this afternoon we'll just back off a little bit."

What did you think of the first practice?

PAYTON: "I thought it was pretty good. The temperature was a little bit cooler than we expected and I thought the tempo was pretty good."

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