Saints Training Camp Insider: Aug. 2

New Orleans Saints Training Camp insider takes you inside the Saints with analysis of key quotes from head coach Sean Payton, key injuries and players that are rising and failing. Today we have updates on Jeremy Shockey, Martin Gramatica, Marques Colston and Devery Henderson.

Jeremy Shockey: The tight end became the topic of conversation on Friday when he had practice off. The media asked head coach Sean Payton if anything had changed regarding Shockey's status and he said no. Remember that Shockey broke his foot last season when he was with the Giants. Payton said he's just getting his conditioning back.

It doesn't sound like Shockey will play in Saturday's scrimmage. It's difficult to tell if Shockey is experiencing setbacks because he is working out. But the fact that reporters are still asking about the injury nearly two weeks into camp has to be a bit disconcerting. It bears watching.

Marques Colston: Same goes for the Saints' meal ticket at wide receiver. He missed Friday's workouts with soreness in his left knee. This has been bothering Colston since training camp began. It's probably one of those injuries that, if this were the ramp-up to the season opener against the Bucs, Colston would simply play through it. But the Saints are being cautious, and for good reason. He's Drew Brees's No. 1 target.

Devery Henderson and Tracy Porter: Both missed Friday's workout with hamstring issues, and each practice they miss they fall further behind. For Porter, it's not a stretch to believe that his absence from workouts, plus his holdout, will keep him from challenging for one of the top for cornerbacks positions to start the regular season. The Saints have Randall Gay, Aaron Glenn, Jason David, Mike McKenzie and Usama Young. Porter may be spending more time on the bench than the Saints had planned.

Henderson at least has experience with the offense and would only have to overcome Lance Moore, who has been stealing plenty of reps at WR during Henderson's absence. "He's doing a good job," Payton said of Moore "I think he's very consistent; he has sure hands and he's exactly where he's supposed to be on almost all of his plays. There's something to be said for that." This is an important time for Moore, who is also competing for return jobs with Reggie Bush, Skyler Green and Pierre Thomas, among others.

Martin Gramatica: He missed Friday's workout because the Saints thought the veteran kicker had a kidney stone. Yikes. He appears to be better. It sounds like he'll take some reps in the scrimmage. This won't set Gramatica back. The kicker's race usually doesn't start until the preseason games, anyway.

Scrimmage info: Here's what Payton had to say about who would miss Saturday's scrimmage:

"Let me go through who I think will not play in the scrimmage: Henderson and Porter will not, (Deuce) McAllister will not, (Mike) McKenzie will not, Brian Young and Shockey will not. Gramatica will be there and Colston I expect to get some work. That's really it unless there's something else that I don't know about yet until I get into the staff meeting. We're still nursing the two hamstrings – which we knew we would be at this time – and when it comes to McAllister, McKenzie and Shockey, we're just traveling a little bit slower on purpose."

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