Brees sees great potential in Shockey

Onee New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees got past some eyebrow raising, he quickly determined that adding tight end Jeremy Shockey via trade was perhaps a decision that could chnce the course of the Saints' season.

Drew Brees' reaction to learning New Orleans had acquired Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey in a trade was to raise his eyebrows.

"I was a little shocked, no pun intended. I thought after the draft — and I know the trade talks were pretty heated there prior to the draft — once we got into minicamps and such, I thought it was a dead issue," the quarterback said.

Then, two days before camp, Brees said, he looked at his phone and saw a slew of text messages saying Shockey was coming to New Orleans.

And no, Brees has no reservations about Shockey's somewhat colorful past. Any competitive player has "kind of passion and that kind of fire" and all the quarterback wants to do is get the ball into Shockey's hands. As for the rest, Brees said he'll wait and see.

"All I know is what I've seen on film and that's a guy who plays hard and you can tell he cares about the game," he said. "Certainly you hear this and that, but I'm going to make my own judgment."

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