Saints Insider Q&A: Drew Brees

On Monday, New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees talked about the disappointment of Sunday's loss to Washington, why the offense, at times, struggled for consistency and about life without his top target, WR Marques Colston.

How disappointing was it to not be able to sustain the offense yesterday?

Drew Brees: "When you look at it, despite everything that happened in the first three quarters, it was 24-15 our lead going into the fourth quarter and we were coming off a solid drive to start the third quarter, had a big punt return, all the momentum was on our side and I think we all thought that we were going to seal the deal. We had two opportunities there with third-down conversions that we should make and didn't and gave them the ball back and they turned around and scored after both of those."

How much does the team miss a solid running game?

Drew Brees: "You never want to be one-dimensional. I think we all have the confidence in here to know that if we're forced to throw the ball, we're going to do it effectively and we're going to win. But certainly the pass should complement the run and the run should complement the pass. The better you are at both of them, the more efficient you'll be as an offense. We pride ourselves on being balanced. We have some very good running backs and some very good receivers and tight ends to where we want to spread the ball around, we want to mix it up, we want to keep defenses off-balance. We want to set the tone for the game and keep them on their heels. Unfortunately, I don't feel like we've hit our stride yet. I don't feel like we've gotten into a rhythm yet."

Why is that?

Drew Brees: "Any time early on in a season when you start playing games that count, you're still trying to find yourselves a little bit. Even though we've been together for the last two years, it's still an adjustment. It's a new year. We just need to get back on track and get back to the point where every time we touch the ball we have that confidence level that we're going to go right down the field and score. But certainly just mixing it up and being able to get in a rhythm and feel like we're ourselves."

How much would you like to see Deuce McAllister and Robert Meachem be more involved?

Drew Brees: "We have a lot of guys we're trying to get the ball to and there are only so many balls to go around. That's my job and that's Coach's job to try to find a good balance for everybody. Throughout the course of the game if somebody has the hot hand, we're just going to keep feeding it to him, but generally you like to spread it around and keep defenses off-balance, not allow them to be able to key on one guy. Deuce did a good job when he stepped in yesterday. As these weeks go on and he starts to feel better and better, I'm sure you'll see him a bit more."

How much of yesterday was the Redskins selling out against the run knowing that Marques Colston wasn't in there?

Drew Brees: "Obviously not having Marques was tough, but just like when any guy goes down I feel that on this team we have the depth to where guys are able to step in and we shouldn't miss a beat. I have a ton of confidence in every guy that was out there on the field yesterday. But we just didn't get the job done. With the exception of a few big plays in the first game, I didn't feel like we were really efficient on offense in that game either. We just haven't hit our stride yet, but it's coming."

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