Saintsinsider Q&A: Marques Colston

Saints wide receiver Marques Colston is in London with the rest of the Saints preparing for Sunday's game with San Diego. Get his insight on the game, his injury and more in this exclusive question-and-answer session. Plus, link to exclusive content on this game.

Deuce McAllister will start on Sunday against San Diego in London. McAllister has been used sparingly this season, but not on Sunday. Some Saints fans may have forgotten just how important McAllister is to the franchise. This is an insider look of what McAllister has done in his career, thanks to exclusive press notes that are only available to the media. Get the scoop by clicking right here.

Q: After that last game, what are your expectations, what do you think you can do and when do you think you can be back to 100 percent?

A: This week, I definitely want to make a lot of progress. I didn't have my best game last week in my first game back. This is an important game for the team and a game where I have to step up. I fully expect that.

Q: Can you talk about playing in Wembley Stadium?

A: "I've actually never played in a stadium that large before. It's a pretty exciting time over here. I'm just trying to get a lot of the culture along with working here everyday. I'm really looking forward to it.

Q: Were you surprised at how tough it was to come back after that last game and what do you want to work on at this point?

A: There really wasn't one thing in the game I could point to about why I didn't play to my potential. It's about getting into the timing and rhythm of things and hopefully I'm able to do that this weekend.

Q: Were you surprised that it was maybe tougher than you thought to get into the swing of things?

A: Yes, I fully expected to come in and pick up right where I left off and obviously that didn't happen for me, but I really can't say it was harder. I just didn't have a good game. You have those once in a while. Hopefully it's a long time before I have another one.

Q: Was there any school of thought to that you came back too soon?

A: No, I felt great throughout the week. I had no setbacks. I actually practiced prior to the game. I felt great going in. I didn't have one of my better games.

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