Q&A: Deuce McAllister

The Saints' all-time leading rusher is loose in London preparing for Sunday's game with San Diego. Get the scoop on how he's adjusting to London, how the team is preparing and more. It's an exclusive Q&A at

What is the biggest adjustment to practicing in England?

The biggest thing is probably an adjustment to the wind, but as far as preparation and everything it's been nice for us. We just have to try to get this win.

Even though England is the backdrop, is San Diego the focus?

It's definitely the focus. You don't want to be in the hole that we put ourselves in. But that's what we have to deal with. We have to erase the elements and put the focus on trying to win this game?

How excited are you that your role could potentially increase?

Whatever I have to do I will do. Whatever I can help with is what I have to do.

Do you see yourself as the primary running back on this team now that Reggie Bush is out?

I'm just a player, primary, first, second, whatever it may be, I'm just trying to go out there to contribute and help this team win.

In New Orleans they talk about you being such a great ambassador to that area, do they talk about that here?

They talk about it a little bit, but it's more American football and Europe's football to talk about how things are so much different, but our focus is to get this game.

Has the offense changed a whole lot due to the differing roles and strengths of you and Reggie Bush?

We're still pretty much the same offense, so there's not a big difference of what we're going to do.

Do you find yourself a part of any packages that you didn't when Reggie was healthy?

The same thing. It's still pretty much all the same as we've done.

How is the focus?

The focus is good. We're staying in a hotel, so you get some extra work and extra study in that you might not get in while you're in New Orleans. They're trying to help us to eliminate some of the mistakes or errors that we've made the past couple of weeks.

How is practicing in this damp weather, especially after some of your knee surgeries?

You try to stay warm and you try to stay involved when you're not in. The weather is something that you have to adjust to. I'll be fine by gametime.

What does the weather feel like?

It feels like gametime already.

Can you discuss the adjustments you've had to make for being in a new country and at your second practice facility in as many days?

When you've been through as much as we've been through the last couple of years then whatever you have to adjust on the run. We just go out there. Whatever you have to do to play is what you have to adjust to?

Is this nothing compared to what you had to go through in 2005?

Exactly, whatever adjustments you have to make you make and you think about football.

Do you remember in 2005 working out of the Alamodome?

Yes, I've been through some things throughout the eight years here. This is a beautiful surface though. They've done a wonderful job with this facility. You're pleased to get the work in.

Have you been to England before?


Would you come back?

I would definitely come back. I don't know about this time of the year, but I'd come back.

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