Colts Notes and Quotes: Feb. 3

Peyton Manning says the early trip to the Pro Bowl was no big deal, Joseph Addai defends the Colts' running game, Jim Caldwell talks up Dallas Clark's blocking ability, Ryan Diem talks about the development of the offensive line, Antoine Bethea on the importance of film study, and much more!

— QB Peyton Manning made the trip to Miami a day earlier than the rest of the team, along with six other Pro Bowl selections from the Colts.

"All year long we had dealt with certain circumstances in a positive light. We were told what the expectations were in coming to the Pro Bowl. I got to fly on a private plane with six of my best friends and teammates," Manning said.

"We had Ruth Chris' steakhouse food (on the flight). We took a private (police) escort right into Miami. Shook a few hands. Had to wave. Did one interview and made (a Pro Bowl winner's share of) $45,000. I can think of some worse things to put yourself through."

— RB Joseph Addai knows what the statistics say, that the Colts had the worst-ranked running game in the NFL during the regular season. But Addai hasn't given up yet on the notion that Indianapolis can win games with its running attack.

"I'm human, but at the same time, you have a chance every Sunday to go prove yourself. Do I feel like I bring something to the table? Yes, I feel like I bring something to the table. Numbers? The numbers are not where we want them, but I think when we do run the ball, we do have a good chance of making yardage or making something happen. That's kind of how I look at it," Addai said.

— TE Dallas Clark is known more for his pass receiving skills that he is as a blocker. But Colts coach Jim Caldwell said that opposing teams shouldn't overlook that area of his game.

"I think that is one thing (that) he is known for catching the ball, he is known for certainly being able to run after the catch. He has made a number of big plays for us in the passing game. Often times people would think that is the only thing that he does, but the fact of the matter is he is a very capable blocker," Caldwell said.

"He has a unique ability to move his feet and get leverage on his opponent and get himself in great position to get his job done. He's not a guy that's going to blow you off the ball consistently or anything of that nature. That's not how he's made up physically, but he is a technique conscience individual with great fundamentals and that's what helps him."

— WR Reggie Wayne remains as the Colts' primary pass receiving threat despite the recent emergence of second-year WR Pierre Garcon and rookie WR Austin Collie.

"Reggie Wayne's been an excellent veteran leader for them in the wide receivers room. Those guys, as individuals, have improved," said QB Peyton Manning.

"Both those guys (Garcon and Collie) just have a confident look in their eyes. The game has never appeared too big for them, never overwhelmed them. And certainly the timing that I have with those guys has improved through the season through repetition."

— WR Pierre Garcon has taken his game to a higher level during the postseason. Garcon, though, has played the last several weeks not knowing how members of his family are doing in Haiti, which has been rocked by devastating earthquakes.

"It's been very difficult for him obviously. And particularly when the earthquake first occurred, he did not know the well being of his family," said coach Jim Caldwell. "All of those things were up in the air. He could not communicate with them because obviously all of the cell phone towers were out and etcetera. There was a long period of time there where there was a lot of uncertainty in his life and although his immediate family is not located there, he has several cousins, uncles, so on and so forth that he was concerned about. But he's done a tremendous job I think of handling it. It's very, very tough, he is an extremely focused young man."

— DT Daniel Muir has been a key member of the Colts' interior defensive line this season. Muir lost weight during the offseason and has made himself a starter after being released by Green Bay a year ago.

"I feel good about it. It just shows the work that we put in all season. Me and Antonio Johnson, Keyunta Dawson, Eric Foster, Fili Moala, all the guys. We just put in a lot of work in this offseason and just to see this paying off is a good thing for us," Muir said.

— CB Kelvin Hayden had the big interception return for a touchdown the last time that the Colts were in the Super Bowl. He's ready for another big-play game this time around as well.

"I try to forget about (his interception and touchdown return). As a player, you realize it's a milestone, a great moment in your career, but you get greedy. You want more, so that's my whole thing. I want more, so I just try to put that behind me and hopefully I put myself in position to make one. I understand the situation that it was and being in the big game, but as a player you want more," Hayden said.

— LB Gary Brackett has been an integral part of the Colts' success in recent years. He understands where it would be the franchise in the hierarchy of NFL teams if Indianapolis can close out the decade with a second Super Bowl victory.

"I think that would be special. Obviously all the regular-season success that we had over the last decade, it's nice that if it all culminated with a Super Bowl Championship," said Brackett. "In essence, that's the reason that we play the game. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say we'd give back some of the regular season championships for another Super Bowl Championship. That's the opportunity that you have. You have six days to prepare and then you have one of the biggest games of your life, at 6:30. So, the guys are anxious, the guys are ready and I think we are going to go out there and take care of business."

— OT Ryan Diem is starting to get the acclaim as a right tackle that he didn't receive earlier in his career. As a part of an offensive line that allowed QB Peyton Manning to be sacked just 10 times this season, Diem understands his role with the team very well.

"I think as a group we work real well together. You've got some older veteran leadership with Jeff (Saturday) and myself, and Ryan Lilja, and you've got Charlie Johnston who's in his fourth year now and he's played a lot. It's kind of his first year officially starting but he's seen a lot of playing time over the years filling in when needed," Diem said.

"We've got Kyle DeVan playing right guard who has definitely made an impact early and a pretty solid player. And I think as a group we just function well. It's kind of a product of the way we practice and also the schemes that are put together by Tom Moore and Howard Mudd. Usually when Peyton's back there he can read the defense and point us in the right direction, which always helps."

— S Antoine Bethea has become quite the film, or rather video, room junkie in recent seasons. Bethea has stepped up his role as a defensive leader for the Colts the last couple of years.

"Get in the film room and study and see some of the keys," Bethea, a two-time Pro Bowl pick, said recently. "Then take that onto the field."

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