AYODELE: The Colts Can Run The Ball

Don't try telling Remi Ayodele that the Colts can't run the ball. Ayodele addressed the little talked about threat Indianapolis has on offense.

DT Remi Ayodele
Thursday, Feb. 4, 2010

(on Peyton Manning’s checks from the line of scrimmage)
“For a defensive lineman, at least me and a couple other guys on our defensive line, we don’t pay attention to all of those checks. If you try to do that, you will get so confused. That’s more for the linebackers and the defensive backs. For us, it’s either you are throwing the ball or you are running the ball. Then you get to the ball. That’s pretty much what we are doing up front. I don’t really listen to any of those checks. Now, I might listen to some of the offensive lineman checks if he is checking right in front of me but I can’t be paying attention to Peyton back there doing things.”

(on the Colts’ run threat)
“People haven’t been talking about that as much. I think that they are a really good running team. When you have a guy like Peyton on your side of the ball, everybody seems to forget about the running game. I just feel like we have to establish stopping the run and then worry about the pass afterwards.”

(on the this team compared to other teams he has been on)
“It’s been wonderful. The one thing that I’ve seen from this team apart from other teams is that we hang out with each other. We are a part of the city, we play for the city. When we go to the restaurants, we don’t get private rooms. You don’t have to put us over here, we don’t hide. We sit, we blend and we play for the city. You go to New Orleans right now and everybody is happy. Everybody is having a great time. People are spending money. Pretty much when we go into a game, we are thinking about that. We are not just thinking about the big pay day, we are more thinking about the city.”

(on the importance of the pass rush against Peyton Manning)
“It’s real important. You have to try to get into his face as fast as possible. The one thing Peyton does is avoiding sacks. That’s why he didn’t get sacked as much. I think we’re just going to have to get up on him quick. Our defensive ends are going to have to beat the tackles around the edge. With us in the middle, we have to get that three yard push to help them get there. It all starts up front.”

(on the Colts’ rushing offense)
“I think they are a really good rushing team. I just feel like Peyton is so good with that ball that you don’t feel like you need to run as much. I was just watching film with them playing the Jets and they were running the ball pretty well. I don’t know what the yardage was but I was seeing chunks of nine yards here, seven yards there. That’s a lot of yards. That’s chunks of yards and the Jets are pretty good on defense. When I see that, it’s like every game, try to stop the run first and we can go from there.”

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