NOTEBOOK: Caldwell, A Historical Moment?

Colts head coach Jim Caldwell can join an elite few with a win on Sunday vs the Saints. Caldwell can join the other 7 first time head coaches who have won a league championship if the Colts knock off the Saints in Super Bowl XLIV.


--The Colts are one of 13 NFL franchises to make four or more Super Bowl appearances (8, Dallas; 7, Pittsburgh; 6, New England, Denver; 5, Los Angeles/Oakland, Miami, San Francisco, Washington; 4, Colts, Buffalo, Green Bay, Minnesota, New York Giants).

--S Aaron Francisco played with Arizona in Super Bowl XLIII last year.

--Coach Jim Caldwell hopes to join Adam Walsh (Cleveland Rams, 1945), Paul Brown (Cleveland Browns, 1950), George Wilson, Sr. (Detroit Lions, 1957), Lou Rymkus (Houston Oilers, 1960), Wally Lemm (Houston Oilers, 1961), Don McCafferty (Colts, 1970), and George Seifert (San Francisco 49ers, 1989) as the only first-year head coaches since 1933 to win a league championship.

--Peyton Manning (4,500) and Drew Brees (4,202) combine for the second most passing yards (8,702) of two Super Bowl quarterbacks facing off in NFL history. Dan Marino (5,084) and Joe Montana (3,630) combined for 8,714 yards in the season leading up to Super Bowl XIX.

--Colts QB coach Frank Reich on Manning: "Peyton has this knack just when the other team's about to score and think they're going win, he's just better when he has to be. Look at the New England game this year. He has this insatiable will to win and then is able to execute under the pressure of it that few, if any, have ever had.

"It's not just one guy, but he is certainly the leader amongst them. The New England game this year, the Miami game, the seven fourth-quarter comebacks this year. Unlike anybody I've been around, he knows everything that's going on, on the field. Everything. It's impressive."

BY THE NUMBERS: XXVII -- Super Bowl XLIV is the first time since Super Bowl XXXVII (1993) that the two No. 1 seeds have faced off. In Super Bowl XXXVII, the Dallas Cowboys posted a 30-13 win over the Buffalo Bills.

QUOTE TO NOTE: "After we played the (New York) Jets (in the AFC Championship Game), I was really happy because we were going to the Super Bowl. I was real happy for a lot of things. But I was happiest for Jim Caldwell. He had legendary things to follow. Tony (Dungy) was iconic. There was a lot of things that went into that. And he did it his way. Why I was so proud to be part (of this year's success) is that I thought that Jim did it his way. He didn't try to be Tony Dungy. He tried to be Jim Caldwell. The only similarity between what Jim did and what Tony did was we did the same (practice) schedule. You could count on it. I could tell you on Wednesday next year when they start out, I know exactly where you go to meet. So the schedule is exactly the same. And Tony didn't invent that. He got it from (former Minnesota Vikings coach) Dennis (Green) and Dennis got it from Bill Walsh. It was a well thought out system." -- Colts offensive line coach Howard Mudd.

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