Rhodes looking to revamp defense.

Defensive Coordinator Ray Rhodes was in a complementary mood after the team finished it's three day mini camp. For Rhodes the camp was extremely important since this was the first time he has seen the defensive unit he is entrusted to turn from doormat to dominating

Rhodes believes the Hawks have some talent to build a dominating defense around. "We're going to be a multiple defense and run regular base cut coverages. We're also going to be aggressive in dogging and blitzing people. I like to get the athletes I've identified get a little more involved in pressuring the quarterback. We have some guys I think can get those things done. Quite naturally, you guys know Chad Brown is an excellent blitzer. Coming from Pittsburgh one of the things he had was a lot of sacks because he can blitz from the linebacker position. I feel like Anthony Simmons can also blitz from the linebacker position. We're going to get those guys active in bringing pressure. We're going to run some zone pressures where you might see a lineman drop occasionally, but I'll be pretty picky about those things because there're certain people I won't drop, I want them to do what they do best. I'm an old school type player where you let your lineman rush and do what they do, and you let your secondary and linebackers cover. I'll add a couple zone pressures to let some guys have some opportunities to do some things, but I'll be careful about who I drop, I promise you that."

While Rhodes was happy with the defensive units effort during the three day mini camp, he made it clear that the team is looking to make changes to bolster a defensive unit that was in the NFL last season in stopping the run.

" We're looking at the defensive line, and probably take a look at linebacker, and I'm pretty sure we're going to take a look at the secondary. I think at every position we can fill a need at each one, so we are going to take a look at all of the positions on defense." The resigned defensive players DL Antonio Cochran , LB Anthony Simmons, LB, Isaiah Kacyvenski, and snagged S Damien Robinson and DE Chike Okeafor .

Will the additions be enough to turn doormat into dominating? The next item on the Ray Rhodes reclamation agenda will be the April 26th and 27th NFL draft.

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