Seahawks finish first day of draft

The Seattle Seahawsk finished the first day of the 2003 draft with a cornerback, safety and an offesnive lineman. The Insiders breaks down each player strenghts and weakness.

First Round Pick. 11th Cornerback Marcus Trufant 5-11 199 Washington State

Positives: Trufant is considered a good cornerback with a combination of size, speed and quickness. Excels in press coverage, able to read and react to threats when playing both short and long zone coverage.

Negatives: Inconsistent in his plant-and-drive, and bites on double moves … Looks too casual in his movements, allowing too many catches in front of him Does not always wrap tackle well, tending to throw his shoulder.

Ray Rhodes on Marcus Trufant " He's a cover corner, he's also a guy that returns punts. This young man can certainly help out our football team".

Second Round Pick 42nd Safety Ken Hamlin 6-2 209 Memphis Tennesse

Positives: Makes quick decisions on the field, showing an understanding for pass routes and blocking schemes . Has the deep speed needed to mirror receivers through their routes.

Negatives: Can get over-aggressive at times, which takes him out of the play … Has problems dealing with the underneath pass, allowing too much cushion on the receiver.

Ken Hamlin on his role: " My role is to come in; I don't think they would take me if they felt I would just sit back and not try to be an impact player. They draft guys to come in and play as hard as they can. That's what I plan on doing. You saw the type of player that I am, and if that means me coming in and start, or as a special teams guy, whatever that is, I'm going to play as hard as I can."

Third Round 73rd Wayne Hunter OT 6-6 303 Hawaii

Positives: Move-oriented blocker with impressive size and speed … Well-proportioned athlete who generates a sudden surge off the snap Takes proper angles moving out to neutralize linebackers in the open field … Has long arms necessary for pass protection.

Negatives: Plays on his toes a lot, causing problems maintaining balance and struggles to recover when beaten by the outside rush Lacks the agility to slide out on sweeps, crossing his feet and keeping a narrow leg base to make defenders knock him off-stride. Top Stories