Holmgren pleased with turn out and effort.

The Seattle Seahawks finished Day One of their June Mini Camp. Head Coach Mike Holmgren was pleased with the teams overall effort.

Head Coach Mike Holmgren like what he saw after  from his  players after the first day of the teams voluntary camp. "A great first practice. Everyone's here. A couple guys aren't here, but we knew they weren't going to be here. We've had more guys in the offseason program than ever before. I think our coaches have been doing a nice job of getting the younger guys to participate in these. It's clear that the quarterbacks have been working hard, and the receivers. They're catching the ball. There haven't been a lot of balls on the ground. And the defensive guys have a lot to prove, the players and coaches, and they've attacked it well. So it was a good first day."


Among those players Holmgren was especially pleased to see was Quarterback Trent Dilfer. "I thought it was great. I knew he was coming in. He's not going to be able to do anything; he can play catch with somebody. His Achilles, according to the medical people, has healed up pretty good. Now he has to stretch the range of motion in his ankle. He's probably about four or five weeks behind where he would be normally, condition-wise. The Achilles, though, has healed nicely."

It was an emotional return for Dilfer who lost his five year old son Trevin  to a heart virus on April 27th .

"Today was a big step, because this is my family as well. These guys and this team meant a lot to Trevin, and it's been hard but it's been great, too, being back with the guys and getting my blood hot for football again. It's exciting, and he( Trevin) would be excited for me." Dilfer said after the teams practice.

Dilfer is still recovering from a torn Achilles tendon he suffered in the Dallas game.


Linebacker Anthony Simmons did participate in the teams practice due to soreness in his leg. Head Coach Mike Holmgren believes the soreness is not serious and says the team is willing  to take a cautious approach on  Simmons. "We had him scanned today. His ankle that he had injured all last year I think has healed nicely. But he has kind of a pain, a soreness, not on the old injury. The best way I could explain it is it's like a shin-splint type of pain in there. And he's very cautious, as I might be if I missed as much time as he did. He wants to have a great season, so he wants to do the right thing, and we want to do the right thing. So we're going to scan that today, make sure it's OK and that it's something that time will heal up. That's what we want to look at. I think it's OK, but we just want to be real cautious."





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