Seahawks hope to fill gap in middle with Godfrey.

The Seattle Seahawks signed former Tennessee Titans linebacker Randal Godfrey to a one year contract and hope the eight year veteran can help Seattle improve it's run defense. The Seahawks were dead last in stopping the run last season.


Godfrey was the starting middle linebacker on one of the leagues best run stop defense for three years before he injured his ankle last season.


The injury  limited his play  to just eight games.


Godfrey say's the ankle is healed and that he is ready to , "I had an ankle injury first game of the year against the Eagles. I bounced back, but I ended up missing nine games. I came back strong during the latter part of the season, we made the playoffs and the AFC Championship, the ankle's fine and I haven't had any problems. The physical exams looked great today. I'm coming in injury free."


 Tennessee released Godfrey to create salary cap room.


"Well, it surprised me how late it happened. I understand that this is a business and situations happen. Teams can't all the time keep their better players around. That was unfortunate, I had a lot of great friends down there, but I got to move on. I have a lot to prove this year because I was kind of banged up last year, but now I'm healthy and feeling great. It's the best I've felt in a long time." Godfrey said of his release from the Titans.


The signing of Godrey should create a fierce competition for the starting middle linebacker position once the Seahawks begin training camp in late July.


 Godrey believes he can make an immediate impact on the Seahawks.

"The defense is on the rise. I just look at it as a situation where I think I'm one of the missing pieces. I can come in and help this team win and that's what I want to do. I just want to get off to a great start this year and finish strong." Top Stories