Revis makes business side of the NFL personal

Clearly frustrated by the front office's handling of his trade speculation, Jets' All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis might be hurting himself by making the team's contract negotiations public.

Last week Darrelle Revis was inteviewed by NFL Network's Andrea Kremer and provided some considerable insight into the trade speculation that has cast a dark cloud over the Jets offseason. New York's front office insists that the contract-drama is overblown, and that the quotes were made to seem bigger than they really are. Jets' fans are growing restless with the prospect of the team's best player playing elsewhere next season.

Revis' main gripe in the interview was that he was speechlesswhen the trade rumors came out during John Idzik's first day as the New general manager. He said he didn't receive a call from anyone in the organization.

I think Revis is taking this situation way too personally. Every single player on the Jets should not feel like they are safe, including Revis himself. This is clearly an organization that has to do some major soul-searching, and if there is a leak out there (which happens all the time to the Jets), you have to take a breath and let it play out.

I don't have a problem with Revis feeling this way, but instead with the issue he is talking about it. The Jets star should keep it in-house and let the process work itself out. Besides, it's not like Revis has been the poster boy of how to get a deal done. I think his history of holding out has something to do with the Jets not contacting him. Let's say the organization did float this rumor out there, they are doing two things: 1. Trying to find out if there is there a trade market for Revis after his injury and 2. They are sending a message to the players that no one is safe including the best player on the team.

The only other issue I have is that Revis called himself the best player on the team in that interview. When you call yourself anything, either you are not what you claim to be or you have a huge ego. Perhaps it's that ego that makes him so good and he deserves the brand ‘Revis Island', but let the fans and other players do that for you. You come across as pompous.

So Revis has taken a public shot at his boss. The Jets are going to sit back now and let this play out. In my opinion communication between both sides only helps this situation, but the way he is reacting to no phone call may not end well.

I don't think there's any question Revis i the best corner in the league, and the best Jet possibly of all-time. I just can't understand when players play the ego card and challenge their suitor publicly. NFL players can challenge their front office, but it's best behind closed doors, so they don't take the business side of things into the media and it ends up being personal. When you do, nothing good ever comes from it. Top Stories