Quinn Sharp Has Interesting Job Interview

Quinn Sharp was one of two Oklahoma State players at the NFL Combine last week in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Joining Sharp was former Cowboys running back Joseph Randle. Next to Heisman Trophy winner and Pro Football Hall of Famer Barry Sanders, Sharp's name probably appears in the Oklahoma State football record book more than any other.

He is the Cowboys only three-time All-American, twice for kicking and once for punting. His numbers are astounding and he is one of the best kickoff specialists in the history of college football. He did well at the Senior Bowl, including a 42-yard field goal.

Sharp explains the NFL Combine was a whole different experience.

"It was good but it was a wild process," Sharp said in his explanation of the Combine life. "It is not something that you want to do over again.

"You are going to bed at 11 or 11:30 every night and then waking up at 4 a.m. for mental testing, physical testing, going to the hospital, everything. It's a wild ride. Then you have interviews all day. Overall, I thought I did well.

"I thought my interview processes were good. There are some bullying questions, and they make you sweat a little, but that is part of the process. They are trying to find out who you are as a person, and they are going to invest a lot of money in you, so they have to know where you are coming from."

Sharp really kind of backed up what was said by Colorado tight end/h-back Nick Kasa, who was quoted by several sources saying that the NFL scouts and personnel people wanted to know everything about you.

"Yes, they ask you about your girlfriends," Sharp said. "I'm actually recently single over the last couple of months so they wanted to know why. I got asked a lot of questions. I played a round of golf by myself and told them about it and they wanted to know why I did that.

"They asked if I liked people or if I was a loner. I explained that most of the guys I played golf with like Coop (Josh Cooper) and (Brandon) Weeden were gone. It's just one of those things and they hear random things and they will drill you on things. It is like they are trying to poke you and get something out of you."

This year the NFL introduced some new tests, but they also had the old standby in the Wonderlic too. Sharp said the early morning testing was a big reason you wouldn't want to go to the Combine every week. He even received a break on the tests because he had done a lot of it at the Senior Bowl.

"We did the Wonderlic (test) on paper, and they have this new psychological test that we did on computer," Sharp continued. "The good thing was I did all my testing at the Senior Bowl, so I only had to do the Wonderlic and the new test there.

"There are actually four or five other tests that you have to take. It is a long process and you get tired doing it at 7:30 or 8 in the morning and your brain is not always awake and you aren't always at your testing best. The Wonderlic, we had 12 minutes to do 50 questions and I did okay. I took it twice and I got up to 36 or 37 both times. I felt pretty confident about it."

Sharp was interviewed by San Francisco, Detroit and Cincinnati. The players talk to most of the teams but each team can only have 60 formal interviews, so if they request make a specific request it is a big deal.

Of course, there was finally the kicking. After all, that is what Sharp does. He had to make a choice others there didn't as he was the only player that punts, kicks off, and kicks field goals and extra points.

"Field goals were last (of the on field drills). It was an odd order with punting first, kickoffs second, and then field goals last," explained Sharp. "I opted out of punting but warmed up with them the whole time. They had a 10-minute warm-up period where everybody was warming up and it was interesting.

"Everybody did well in warm-ups and then they started taking the snaps (from the deep snappers) and that is when everybody started going downhill. I hit a couple of 50- and 60-yarders and then walked off and did kickoffs and kicked field goals. I think they saw that versatility."

Sharp will continue to train and he plans to kick again for the scouts on Oklahoma State's Pro Day on March 12. He is also enrolled this semester and at the end of it will have his degree in education. Sounds like players get an interesting education from the NFL at the combine.

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