Update - Fullback Position

Heath Evans is in prime position to earn playing time this season. How much will depend not only on his performance, but that of the other five fullbacks in camp.

The Tacoma News Tribune's Mike Sando reported that Reggie Brown showed up to training camp in less than top shape, as he has done twice over the past three years.

Brown ran wind sprints along the sidelines during practice last Sunday. He and fullback Mack Strong are expected to compete for the starting job with Evans, in what looks to be one of the most highly-contested positional battles at camp.

Evans, drafted in the third round, was the best fullback to come out of college this year. Contrary to previous reports that he didn't lose a yard on a carry during his 2000 junior campaign, Auburn sports media spokesperson Meredith Jenkins confirmed to SeahawksInsider that Evans lost a yard in his last game against Michigan in the Citrus Bowl. Before that, he rushed 82 times in nine games without losing a yard.

Evans' body build and run-blocking style compare to that of Darryl "Moose" Johnston, the Dallas Cowboys' former fullback who helped pave the way for Emmit Smith and three Super Bowl victories. Evans' pass catching skills may already be better than Johnston's ever were - a fit important for Seattle's offense.

Scot Osborne, Lloyd Garden and Craig Walendy have their work cut out to earn a roster spot. Strong and Brown, both proven veterans, know what needs to be done in the weeks ahead. Brown has been sidelined since Wednesday with a strained calf muscle.

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