Jets' ground and pound back with a vengeance

It took almost half a season for the New York Jets to get their rushing attack clicking on all cylinders, but their ground and pound looked scary good during Sunday's win over the New England Patriots.

When the Jets made the draft day trade to bring in Chris Ivory from the New Orleans Saints, it was supposed to mean a brand new start for this running back to make a name for himself in the NFL. It also meant that he would be in a brand new division and face the New England Patriots twice a year.

But as the preseason began it was a bit of a disappointment as Ivory couldn't get going due to some nagging hamstring injuries and not being up to speed with the playbook and Jets offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. You could tell when Ivory got the ball that he couldn't breakout and get big plays going.

But when Mike Goodson was lost for the season after New York's loss last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, you had the feeling that Ivory was finally going to breakout and take over.

Sunday's game against the Patriots was the game that he needed to shine and he did so. Ivory ran the ball 34 times for 104 yards, this would be his first 100 yard rushing game as a member of the Jets with his longest rush at 17 yards. Even during the overtime he was able to get some big runs going and made some smart decisions to help Nick Folk get into field goal range.

"I didn't really know what to expect, but I'm ready for whatever game plan they have. Going forward, whatever they have, I'm going to be ready for it."

With Bilal Powell not having a good game and suffering a shoulder injury, it was up to Mornhinweg to continue using Ivory as the hot player. What did Ivory think about that?

"I think he has confidence in me, admitted Ivory. "If he didn't, I don't think we would've ran like we did. That's what we did and we came out on top."

Finally you are seeing what the Jets saw when they had the opportunity to bring Ivory to New York as the depth chart for the Saints got too crowded for the running back to climb. Now he has the chance to be a part of this Jets team that could finish as one of the league's best rushing attack before it's all said and done. Top Stories